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The Week that Was 9/30-10/6

8 Oct

Houston Texans vs. Atlanta Falcons and Cleveland Browns vs. New Orleans Saints

With all apologies to the Arizona Cardinals, the Texans and Falcons are the class of the NFL.  The Texans have destroyed everyone they’ve played, with a dominating defense and rushing attack.  The Falcon’s have been led by QB Matt Ryan, and have already had a few come from behind victories (always a sign of a good team).  Could there be a Texans vs. Falcons Super Bowl in the making?  The antithesis to these undefeated teams are the winless Saints and Browns.  In all reality there’s not much to say about the Browns other than they’re hopeless.  They have a rookie QB, crappy receivers, and a nondescript defense.  New Orleans has mainly the same roster as last year, but they’ve been ravaged by the effects of bounty-gate.  Offensive mastermind, head coach Sean Payton is barred from conversing with the team, and QB Drew Brees is having his statistically worst season since 2003.  Apparently coaching really does matter.



Mitt Romney handily wins first debate

GOP nominee Mitt Romney laid the wood to President Obama in the first of their three debates.  Romney was on the attack from the very beginning, and Obama seemed either outgunned, dismayed, disinterested, or like he just didn’t want to be there at all.  The president never really engaged Romney, and rarely even looked up as his opponent was speaking.  He pointed out potential flaws in the GOP strategy, but didn’t mention a single point he frequently mentioned while campaigning (most notably the infamous 47% quote).  Romney was the routinely the aggressor, but he still neglected to outline any specifics on any of his positions.  Only one month left till decision day.


Both guys seem to have the hangdog look down pat


Miguel Cabrera wins the Triple Crown

Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera becomes only the 10th player ever to win baseball’s coveted Triple Crown.  Despite all of the records being broken thanks to performance enhancing drugs in the past decade or so, this feat hasn’t been accomplished since 1967.  Cabrera’s bat also helped get his team into the playoffs, so the only question remains is whether he’ll add an MVP trophy to his magical season.


College Football is heating up

With only one week left before the initial BCS rankings of the season, here are the top storylines:

  • Alabama is far and away the #1 team in the country, and the favorite to win it all
  • 3 of the top 5 teams belong to … surprise, the SEC
  • Geno Smith has already won the Heisman trophy.  His stats through only 5 games this year: 1996 yards passing, 81.4% completion percentage, 24 TD, 0 interceptions, 202.4 QB rating
  • Notre Dame is undefeated and in the top 10.  They still have games against Stanford, Oklahoma, and USC.   A no-loss season seems impossible.



Obama Katrina videos

Political correspondent Tucker Carlson released a video on Fox News and the Daily Caller of an Obama speech from 2007.  In this speech to a group of pastors at Hampton University (a historically African-American university) many in the GOP allege President Obama made remarks that insinuate the government handled the hurricane Katrina situation differently than other, recent natural disasters because many of the victims of the devastating hurricane were African-American.  The video was released the night prior to the debate, and despite it not gaining much traction, some believe it could have been just enough of a distraction to further derail Obama’s debate performance.

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