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The Mayans Must Be Right

19 Nov

Answers From Men puts on the Nostradamus hat and gives 5 reasons from the last month that the Mayans are correct … the world is headed for its demise very, very soon.


Somehow obama wins

Barack Obama was the most beatable president in American history.  Here are the most glaring reasons many Americans would not vote for him:

  • Unemployment is barely below 8%, and that really isn’t an accurate number
  • The national debt is at an all time high, and is steadily rising
  • He is African American.  No matter what anyone says about the state of racism in America, that is enough reason for many voters to go against him
  • Gas prices are at an all time high.  This is out of the hands of the president, but it reflects negatively on him none the less
  • He created and signed one of the most controversial measures (Affordable Healthcare Act) in US history
  • He sparred endlessly with Congress to the annoyance of millions

Despite all of these warts, Obama won the election somewhat handily.  His victory was not wholly surprising, due to Romney’s deficiencies, but not by over 100 electoral votes.  Only the Mayans could have seen this coming.



Notre Dame is #1

For the 1st time in 20 years, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish is the number one team in the country.  At one point this wouldn’t be a big deal, but for the last decade ND has been an afterthought in college football.  Everyone makes fun of their pathetic schedule (they still play Army, Air Force, Navy, Pitt, Purdue, and Boston College), lack of national relevance (somehow they still play on NBC every week), inability to effectively recruit the best athletes, and consistently being overrated by pundits.  Now all the Irish have to do is defeat a USC team that should be without their starting quarterback Matt Barkley.  No one other than the Mayans would have guessed that Notre Dame would be playing in the BCS Championship game.



Black Friday moved up despite bad economy

The US economy has been in a freefall for years.  Unemployment has been outrageous, gas prices are at record levels, food prices have never been higher, the nation’s credit rating has been downgraded for the first time, and consistent juggernauts Chrysler and General Motors needed a government bailout just to remain solvent.  Despite all of that, Black Friday is going to be bigger than ever before.  Some stores (namely Walmart and Target) will open Thanksgiving Day before many families have even finished eating dinner!  I’m all for capitalism, but only the Mayans knew that retail companies would push the envelope even further for Americans barely staying above water in a very fragile economy.


Hurricane Sandy hits NY/NJ

Hurricanes are nothing new for American citizens, but “superstorms” certainly are.  Hurricane Sandy was the largest Atlantic storm in US history, and its 50 billion dollar damage toll is second to only Katrina.  What was different about Sandy is that it caused so much damage to areas not equipped for such powerful wind and rain.  New York and New Jersey were pounded by  Sandy, and there was really nothing that could have been done.  How does one evacuate New York City?  How can people who don’t have cars drive out of the city?  How can cities built for public transportation (much of it underground) survive flood level rains?  The truth is that they can’t, and only the Mayans saw this much carnage coming from what ended up being only a Category 1 storm when it hit US soil.



Twinkies out of business

Thanks to increased labor union costs and idiotic raises to senior management (the company was already struggling financially) Twinkies maker Hostess is filing chapter 11 bankruptcy.  As of November 16, 2012 the company has ceased production of all the treats everyone has grown to love (Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Ho Hos, Cupcakes, Zingers).  Twinkies were invented in 1930 and have been a part of American lore ever since.  In a day and age when the country’s obesity rate is at its highest, no one could have predicted the demise of the world’s most popular snackcake … except for the Mayans.


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