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Two Sides to Every Election

9 Nov

How Did Nobama Win Again?

America got exactly what it deserved. They wanted four years of “change” and that’s exactly what happened. We got changed into a socialist, European country. We got changed from the strongest nation in the world into one that goes on worldwide apology tours. We got changed into a welfare state. We got changed into a country that penalizes people for being successful. This is not the country that my forefathers founded. This is not the country I’ve lived in my entire life until four years ago. This is not the country I want to live in now. When is America going to wake the hell up? Barack Obama bin Laden has done nothing but lie since the first day he was inaugurated. Let’s look at the lies: He said he’d get unemployment below 5%. Not even close. It’s barely gone below 8%, but even that’s false. If we count the people who’ve pulled out of the job hunt, it’s easily double that 8% he’s so proud of. He said he lower the national debt. Not exactly Barry … the debt has gone up each year he’s been in office to over $15 trillion! He lied to America about the Benghazi attacks on 9/11. He lied to seniors about how Obamacare would be funded. He lied to Hispanics about passing immigration reform. Do we detect a pattern here?

I wanted a commander in chief, like Mitt Romney, who isn’t ashamed about being successful. Someone who isn’t scared to show the world America is not anybody’s bitch. A leader who wants to cut taxes, not play trickle down government. A president who has made a career creating jobs, not creating class warfare. Thanks to the idiocy of my fellow countrymen, I’m stuck with a socialist Muslim, born in Kenya, who doesn’t know true American values. A guy who has no problem turning my great country into a food stamp nation. A cheater who places black panthers at voting sites to intimidate voters, and has his picture up at voting sites to exert unfair influence. A “leader” who turns his back on our brother Israel, and is too scared to confront any of our enemies. A serial liar and cheat. I don’t need my president to play basketball or sing soul music on television. I needed Mitt Romney to take back America, and all I got was four more years of socialism.

He Needed 4 More Years



I’m watching all the post election coverage and they keep saying who is to blame for this? “This” being that Obama won the election again. I think this is all so interesting. They are talking about all the potential mishaps with the elections ie, the military personnel didn’t get their ballots, hurricane Sandy prevented people from voting, there was a mural of Obama at a poll that made people feel like they HAD to vote for Obama, there were black panthers outside a polling station with clubs. This is all so ridiculous!! If Romney had won under the same circumstances no one would be saying that his win was a fluke. This is the country and the government that “they” built. Democracy is  democracy only when it works the way they think it should work or better yet gives them the results that they expect. When they don’t get the results they want something must be wrong with the system. It just perplexes me how they don’t see their racism. It’s outrageous!

Since last year Willard and his GOP brethren have been drawing a wedge between themselves and anyone else who wasn’t a rich white male.  Romney told Latinos they should self deport themselves despite the fact that some may have been in this country longer than he has, have children and grandchildren they care for, and/or are pillars of their churches and communities.  Is illegal immigration right, obviously not, but escaping a corrupt country to pursue a better life is exactly how America came to be.  Romney and his cronies want to be able to dictate to women what they can and can’t do with their bodies, and want to prevent them from getting preventative care.  Let’s not forget that none of the men trying to make these decisions for women have any medical background.  Romney still has never apologized for demonizing what he deemed 47% of Americans that are only looking for a handout.  Are there people abusing the system?  Of course, but any person with half a brain would rather work and pay taxes than live off of a $600 per month disability check from the government.  Despite all of these warts, they still believed they had a chance in this election.  The arrogance, stupidity, and complete obliviousness just makes me sick.  Obama isn’t perfect, but I’ll take him over their warped definition of democracy any day.

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