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The Week that was October 21-27

1 Nov

Presidential Debate vs MNF vs Game 7

Yes the 3rd and final Presidential debate had significantly more viewers than any program on television that night, but it easily had less than the first two.  59 million people tuning in is nothing to sneeze at, but why even compete against sports?  Debate night had to compete against the behemoth that is Monday Night Football and game 7 of baseball’s National League Divisional Playoff.  The football game captured roughly ten and a half million Americans and baseball game stole another 10 million.  With so much on the line this election cycle, why not have the thing on Tuesday when there’s absolutely nothing on that anyone wants to watch? Yes DVR makes a lot of this problem moot, but in these economic times, that’s a luxury many just can’t afford any longer.



Early Voting

The polls have opened and both the GOP and Dems have been touting pre-election day victories.  As tight as this election will probably be, no one can accurately predict the outcome.  Anything to the contrary is highly inaccurate.  Furthermore, at this point in the race anyone who says they are undecided is lying.  They either aren’t going to vote or don’t want to publicize who they’re voting for.  All these polls showing the results and opinions from  the undecided group of voters is total hogwash.


Lance Armstrong naked

After USADA released over 200 pages of documents detailing Armstrong’s cheating, he began to get stripped of everything.  The International Cycling Union stripped all of his 7 Tour de France titles and other race victories.  In addition, sponsorships from Nike, Trek bicycles, Oakley, Giro Helmets, SRAM, 24-Hour Fitness, and Anheuser-Busch were all severed.  This is just the beginning for the tainted star as presumably many lawsuits will be coming his way in regards to him receiving payments for his standing of Tour de France champion.  Armstrong may have been able to strong-arm media members for years, but high powered litigators are not going to be intimidated by him and his dwindling bank account.



College Football Highlights

  • ND wins again- The Golden Domers dominated a top 10 Oklahoma team with suffocating defense and timely offense.  They’re ranked the highest they’ve been in a decade.  Imagine the pandemonium if the Irish make the National Championship.
  • Alabama is just better than everyone else
  • Marcus Lattimore’s knee blows up- Still recovering from tearing multiple ligaments in his left knee, the junior star has a horrifying injury to his right knee.


  • Collin Klein is BMOC- He may never start an NFL game, but Klein has Kansas State in line to play for the BCS championship after blowing out then 14th ranked Texas Tech.  A secondary benefit to his amazing play is that he’s a near lock to win the Heisman Trophy.  Great year for a great kid.

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