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December to Forget

27 Dec

Usually the last month of the year is a time for family, fun, presents, rejoicing, and paid time off.  Unfortunately for these 4 guys December has not been a month to remember.


Manny Pacquiao

To put it bluntly, Congressman Pacquiao got his butt knocked the hell out by Juan Manuel Marquez.  It’s especially sad because Pac Man was leading on all the judge’s cards and really giving a beating to the new champ before his nose met Marquez’s fist.  Post fight drama has ensued as many have called for him to retire … including his wife Jinkee.  Prominent people in his life like his trainer Freddie Roach and his mom have blamed his loss on his new found religious devotion.  They think he’s lost his edge and ferocity now that he’s all about gentleness and loving his neighbor as himself.  The brutality of the knockout probably precludes Pacquiao from the megafight against Floyd Mayweather that the world has been waiting on for years.  Why would Mayweather or the public want to see an aging fighter who has lost his last two fights, and arguably his last three?  It’s unsure what the future holds for the great Pac Man, but whatever it is, it has to be better than his month of December 2012.


Tim Tebow

The wool was pulled over his eyes all year, and he’s just now seeing it.  Timothy Richard Tebow was used as a publicity stunt by the New York Jets all season long.  Despite leading his team to a playoff victory last year, Tebow gladly accepted a trade to the Jets because there was an opportunity to start at quarterback if incumbent Mark Sanchez struggled.  It was inevitable that Sanchez would struggle.  Tebow did everything the team asked of him: adding 10 pounds of muscle during the offseason, run their stupid wildcat offense sporadically, and even serve as a personal protector on punts.  It was all a big fat con.  The team never intended to play him; they just wanted the ticket sales and publicity that follows this icon everywhere.  Everything came to a head in December when at long last Sanchez was benched.  Backup Tebow wasn’t given the job, 3rd stringer Greg McElory was put in ahead of the ever gracious, respectful Tebow.  Obviously frustrated and humiliated, Tebow surely can’t wait for this month (and this season) to finally be over.


Seriously coach, this guy plays ahead of me???


Myck Kabongo

Kabongo caught a case of Dez Bryant fever.  For those who don’t remember, Bryant was suspended for his entire last season by the NCAA.  The suspension was not because he violated any real rules, his punishment was because he lied to the NCAA about jogging one time at a training facility with Deion Sanders.  Fast forward three years to the case of Kabongo.  He sat out the first 11 games of the basketball season awaiting the NCAA to rule on his case of possibly impermissible benefits.  Instead of being suspended for 5 games and having to repay the $475 in benefits he received, Kabongo was declared ineligible for the season because he lied to the NCAA.  Kabongo had some workouts with his close friend and NBA player Tristan Thompson during the offseason.  He apparently lied to the overlords about training with Thompson.  The draconian idiots of the NCAA suspended him for the whole season, but his punishment was reduced to 23 games after appeal.  It’s been a crappy month for the young Canadian point guard, but he at least now knows his fate.


He looks a heck of a lot happier on the court than on the bench


John Boehner

The Speaker of the House has lost his voice.  After the defeat of Mitt Romney, the man poised to be the new face of the Republican Party was Speaker Boehner.  Somehow the rank and file Republican members of the House didn’t get that message.  Boehner had been locked in bitter fiscal cliff negotiations with President Obama, and finally talks broke off.  The Speaker drafted a bill entitled “Plan B” (somehow this has nothing to do with aborting a fetus) that would allow the tax breaks on Americans making $1 million or more per year to expire.  His plan also included some spending cuts to popular entitlement programs that Democrats generally won’t agree to.  Boehner’s plan was to get his bill passed in the House and force Senate Democrats to vote against it, thus, making them look unyielding in their demands.  If America goes over the cliff it would be the Democrats fault for not compromising.  Well all of this blew up in Boehner’s face as his own Republican Congressman balked at his bill.  The whole fiasco was so embarrassing that his proposal didn’t even get presented to be voted on.  Now Boehner has no bill, clearly no control over the men he presides over, and no more negotiating leverage in discussions with Obama.  Many have called for his resignation as his leadership is in question.  If anyone is counting down the minutes for January to get here it is John Boehner.


Speaker Boehner is clearly emotional about how bad this month has gone

One Response to “December to Forget”

  1. Anonymous December 30, 2012 at 8:09 AM #

    We’ll have more opinion about this decision up Thursday morning on the site. I’ll say it’s got to be tough for Rick Barnes and his staff to comprehend this one. They played little-to-no part in Kabongo testing draft waters. This is about Kabongo and an agent and some workouts. Yet Barnes’ team, after being strung along for nearly two months, just got lashed by the NCAA’s non-tolerance for lying. Can’t blame the NCAA for that. Can blame the NCAA for having ornate, dumb rules in about testing draft stock that inevitably made Kabongo feel he had to lie.

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