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Cross Over Athletes

18 Jan

Ron Artest- boxing

Excuse me, Mr. Metta World Peace.  He would be an excellent boxer because he’s got the body, temperament (crazy), an would be easy to market.  Most importantly, we’ve already seen his work … he’s excellent.


Jamaal Charles- sprinting

This one is almost cheating because we know Charles is extremely fast, and was a 4 time All-American sprinter in college.


Serge Ibaka- volleyball

What’s missing from being an Olympic volleyball star?  He’s got the height, leaping ability, long arms, and timing.  Maybe the US team should sign him up now.



Lebron James- lacrosse

James would dominate this sport more than he’d dominate football because I’m not sure he could take the hits from guys bigger than him.  In a bizarro lacrosse reality he’d be the biggest, fastest, and most athletic guy the sport would have ever seen.  This isn’t much different than basketball of course.  Guys would bounce off James like rubber as he ran down the field past the other 10 guys for easy goals.


Evgeni Malkin- rugby

Malkin sometimes plays hockey like it’s rugby.  He relishes contact, and absorbs hits with no problem.  He’s also quick enough to get through a scrum and break a long run for an easy score.


Floyd Mayweather, Jr- table tennis

We’ve all seen Mayweather’s hands demolish people in a boxing ring.  Imagine how fast they’d be if he was not wearing 10 oz boxing gloves , but instead holding a paddle.  Totally unreal!


Lionel Messi- hockey

Hockey requires incredible hand-eye coordination.  No offense to hockey players, but foot-eye coordination is that much more difficult.  Messi has possibly the best skill level soccer has ever seen, and I’m sure many of his talents could translate to the rink.  Just imagine a quicker, more elusive version of Martin St. Louis.


Manny Pacquiao- equestrian

He’s small, but extremely strong, and with good balance.  If anyone could own the sport, it’s the PacMan.

Justin Verlander- dodgeball

Verlander could essentially stand all the way at the back of room and pick off people several yards away.  If he can throw a baseball with precision accuracy over 1oo mph, what he could do with a dodgeball is downright scary.  The most terrifying thing is that he doesn’t have to hit the outside corner of a 17 inch wide plate … all he has to do is hit you somewhere on your body!


Patrick Willis- tennis

Willis doesn’t look the part of a traditional tennis player, but that’s the point.  Serena Williams also isn’t the stereotyped classic tennis player, and she’s been the best, most feared player for several years.  Willis has a similar build as Williams, plus he has the speed to go baseline to baseline with ease.  He could be a baseline player and slug away with his massive power, or use his elite quickness to do some serve and volleying.  There’s no doubt Willis would dominate the ATP tour for years.

Umm… I think that’s game, set, match

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