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December 2012

2 Jan

Happy prosperous and bountiful New Year everyone! would like to thank all who supported us in 2012, and we expect to be bigger and better in 2013.   Dear Answers From Men, I finally found a New Year’s resolution that I can keep … to work less.  What do you think?

Marshall; Chattanooga, Tennessee

You are completely deluded if you really think that you are going to work less in the New Year. The American economy has rebounded somewhat, and there are finally jobs for the common man, however there is no evidence that we are out of the woods yet. And, other than Japanese who are literally killing themselves through working too hard (they actually have a term for it, ), Americans are the hardest working nation in the world. If you want to keep your home and all the sweet conveniences that you enjoy, then you may want to work a little harder in 2013.   Dear Answers From Men, The earth survived Harold Camping’s end of world prediction for May 21st and the Mayan’s world ending December 21st nonsense.  All of this means that 2013 has just got to be a banner year, right?

Vincent; Lafayette, Louisiana

I’m pretty sure that the fact that we survived a few dead men’s predictions about the end of the world definitely means that everything going forward is going to be great. I mean unemployment has not dipped below 9% so far, the middle class is shrinking, and the people who have the money to control the politics of this great nation are now comfortable enough to fight the ‘”socialist” not moral’ agenda of the President. People have ‘predicted’ the end of the world for centuries and no one has been right yet, so don’t put your faith in these things. If I were you, I would hunker down and concentrate on a new way to create personal wealth because we may be looking at a long stretch of tough financial crises.

  Dear Answers From Men, Who would you say had the best and worst year in sports?  For best I’d pick Lebron James, and for worst I’d say Lance Armstrong.

Larry; Corvallis, Oregon

Lebron had an outstanding year as a pro. He won NBA MVP, NBA Finals MVP, his first championship ring in his 3rd trip to the NBA Finals, an Olympic gold medal, and he is finally establishing himself as the most dominant basketball player in the world. But, Jordan did that just a decade ago. Miguel Cabrera has recently accomplished something that has not been done in the last 45 years. He won a triple crown in hitting which lead to the consequent MVP title. And, you’re right, the worst guy in sports in 2012 has to be Lance Armstrong. He has lost all his credibility as a cyclist. Armstrong would have been considered the best cyclist that ever lived, but he has been stripped of every title that he won because his failure of doping tests. And, the worst part is that he was dominant before he started doping. He only did it to keep up with the rest of the cycling world. Now, his image is tarnished and his wins are removed. Lance Armstrong has lost millions of dollars in endorsements, but more importantly, he has lost his name.

  Dear Answers From Men, Just FYI, I’m high right now.

Damien; Denver, Colorado

So am I Damien.  So am I.  I have to get high to discuss politics.

  Dear Answers From Men, With all the partisan gridlock in Washington is there even a remote chance that President Obama can do anything to improve America from its extremely poor showing in 2012?

Mindy; Cedar Rapids, Iowa

I hate to sound like I am pushing liberal propaganda (which is what all right wingers will say whenever you support the President), because I really try to be as objective as possible and truthfully, I, like most people am liberal on some subjects and conservative on others. However, I am not sure that Obama can do a lot to change the standoff between the two parties. When Obama asks for people to look at the bills on their merit rather than the source of the document, the Republicans fight him. When he concedes on a bill that Republicans produce, they still fight him. Unfortunately, we may be in for more of the same political idling that we experienced last year.

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