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Ask A Black Guy: Black History Month in the News

1 Mar

March 1, 2013

Hide your kids.

Slapping Babies

Joe Rickey Hundley, a man from the racially diverse state of Idaho, was recently charged with assault after slapping a woman’s toddler and yelling a racial slur at the child. Hundley became irate after the baby began crying because of  the changes in air pressure on the plane. According to Jessica Bennett, the mother, Hundley was reportedly visibly drunk when he approached the wailing child. He said to her, “Shut that nigger baby up!”, and slapped the child across his face. The child, Jonah Bennett, is African American, however both of his adoptive parents are Caucasian Americans. The air marshals aboard the plane detained him and charged him with assault once it landed. Hundley has since been removed from his job as Vice President at AGC Aerospace. Apparently, even White people are not exempt from racism.


Black People Do This?

A Bronx native is being charged with the murder of his own mother. Bahsid McLean confessed to killing and dismembering the body of his mother, Tanya Byrd, before discarding pieces of her corpse around the Bronx. McLean stabbed her to death and used a power saw to severe her limbs. He posed in a mirror holding her severed head and took pictures of himself with his cell phone. McLean showed up to court wearing only a trash bag and shoes. His attorney explained that he wore the trash bag because he was incontinent before the trial. They are obviously trying for an insanity plea. It is a sad state of affairs when Black people move from petty robberies to murder, desecration of bodies, and pissing themselves.


More House Cleaning

This fact does not necessarily pertain to Black people as a whole, but the Black family dynamic has been on a decline for a while so it does loosely apply to Black moms (specifically single mothers). American women do considerably less housework than the generation before them. According to Edward Archer, a researcher from the Arnold School of Public Health at the University of South Carolina, women today do almost half the cleaning, cooking, and domestic work that women did in 1965. Women on average do 13.3 hours of housework per week now versus the 25.7 hours that was done in the house back then. And to further exacerbate his findings, the hours that were used for cleaning are now being used sitting down while watching television. Women in 1965 burned 360 more calories per day doing all the housework. So, put down that TV guide, pick up a vacuum cleaner, and fetch your man his slippers!


Come On, Kanye

Kim Kardashian is one of the most aesthetically beautiful women on the planet and her body is a real-life caricature of the hourglass figure. Every man understands why any guy would date her. But, Kris Humphries married her (they divorced promptly after they were married), and now Kanye West has knocked her up. This should go without saying, but guys, you should never marry the chick on the sex tape. And, you do not make babies with the woman who had sex on camera. You only practice making babies with her. That woman may be sweet, nurturing, and domestic, but she is not a wife. Reggie Bush dated her for years. He did not marry her. Ray J showed the world what he did with her on tape. Come on, Kanye. Do better.

This is what you do with Kim Kardashian.

Cop Killer

It is sad to say, but there were probably some people that were happy when they found out that the former cop that turned into a rogue cop-killer was Black (And, they were not all White people). LAPD is known world-wide for their corruption, and it is no surprise that Christopher Dorner was released from his job under shaky circumstances. The police have harassed the Black community there in LA and across the country since the Civil Rights Era. In fact, the late Rodney King received his world famous ass-whipping from the LAPD. So, Dorner’s revenge against the system that mistreated him resonated with some people who have had unwarranted brushes with the law. Then, Dorner proved how inept LAPD was by outlasting them in firefights and hiding within walking distance of the authorities. Not surprisingly, when they located Dorner through anonymous sources, he was not captured alive.

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