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February 2013

18 Mar


Dear Answers From Men,

Is there anything quite like the rise and fall finally rise of Ben Affleck?  He goes from being a new star with buddy Matt Damon to regrettably marrying Jennifer Lopez, starring in Gigli with her, and headlining horrible comic book movies.  Now he’s happily married again (to a mentally stable woman) and winning best picture Oscars as a director.  What a story, huh?


Miles; Augusta, Georgia

Well Miles, I am not sure that you can call any part of the awesomeness that is Ben Affleck’s life a failure. Except maybe Gigli. From what I hear, that movie was terrible and it bombed at the box office. Plus, it was the first time that Affleck was not critically sound as an actor. So okay, Gigli was a mistake and a failure. But, I think that everything else in his life was an enormous triumph. Ben is just a regular Boston guy that got into acting with his buddy Matt Damon. He and Damon were just two smart guys that saw an opportunity to make some easy money in entertainment. Both he and Matt Damon got the right breaks. They went into critically acclaimed parts in critically acclaimed movies by Kevin Smith. His smaller roles in those independent movies put his name into popular culture and the public conscience. Those comic book characters were great for his career, and they were probably catapulted him into meeting and dating Jennifer Lopez. She was serious about acting though she was terrible at it. And, he was seriously attracted to her, so the relationship worked for a little while. Then, he found out that J-Lo is either crazy or completely self-centered (or both) and it fell apart. But, let me remind you that during this time Affleck was one of the most popular stars around and his marriage to J-Lo only brought him more fame. In fact, it may be the reason that he is married to the equally hot, Jennifer Garner right now. Without the higher profile that he gained from Jennifer Lopez, Ben may not have landed Garner who was at the top of her craft when they met. His move to award winning director was just a natural progression that the most intelligent actors take. If you understand all the smaller roles that make a great movie (and he does because he worked with Kevin Smith multiple times), then you have the capacity to make a great movie. So, Ben Affleck has not really fallen at all. He has had a great life.

Dear Answers From Men,

As a black woman, I need to know when will we be rid of black history month?  I’m tired of my job doing things like serving slave food (like neck bones, pig’s feet, and oxtail) once a week in the cafeteria.  I think broadcasting this month only highlights that we are not unified in America.  In my opinion progress will be made once black history is simply considered American history.  What do you think?


Samantha; District of Columbia

Samantha, I am not sure how we can bring about change in American culture or how we would measure the impact of the change once it was made. Highlighting Black history through soul food seems like a great idea in theory, but it also seems a little racially insensitive. And, I agree that the very existence of Black history month points to the fact that there are still inequalities between the majority and the minorities. American history books glance over slavery, any forms of captivity, and all the heinous acts that were committed by our forefathers in an attempt to sensationalize our history. The truth is that America, like most countries, was built by exploiting someone else. I am not sure how we could correct this, because telling the truth about our past is not good for patriotism. And, patriotism is a benefit to the country’s good health. Black history month may be necessary now to insure that the real history of this great country is remembered.

football - joe flacco05

Dear Answers From Men,

Joe Flacco had one of the best playoff runs in NFL history to secure his first championship.  Call me a skeptic, but I think he will be nothing but a Mark Rypien or Doug Williams.  Guys who got incredibly hot in the playoffs one year, but that was the last substantial thing they did in their careers.


Jonathan; Spokane, Washington

I am going to have to disagree with Johnathon. For quite some time now, I have believed that Joe Flacco was grossly overrated. When you looked at his conversion rate, his yardage, and his touchdowns, he paled in comparison with some of the current greats like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. However, when you look at his record, his conversion rate, and touchdowns in the playoffs, no one is close to Flacco. Over his last two playoffs, Flacco had a touchdown/interception ratio of 11/2. That is unprecedented in the playoffs when games matter the most. In his first few years, Flacco was wildly inconsistent in the regular season and the playoffs. In his last three years, Flacco has become more steady during the regular season and has regularly outplayed his competitors (specifically Brady, Manning, and Kaepernick this year in route to his first Super Bowl) in the playoffs. Do I think that Joe Flacco is the best quarterback in the National Football League? No. But, I do think that Joe Flacco deserved the deal that he received. He has defeated and shone brighter than all his competition when the games counted most.

Dear Answers From Men,

Inquiring minds want to know … what’d you do for Valentine’s Day?


Terrance; San Antonio, Texas

Absolutely nothing. Valentine’s Day is a fake holiday and we at have officially called a yearly strike of all cards, candy, and dating on this day. Ask any woman that you meet, “Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?”, and I promise you that none of them will know the answer. Women have plenty of opportunities for free stuff like ladies night at clubs, birthdays, and anytime that they show cleavage where men are present. Men have to band together to stop this pseudo-holiday. It is for the greater good of us all.

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