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Snoop Is A National Treasure

12 Apr

April 12, 2013

Snoop Doggy Dogg is a national treasure. He is one of the most engaging personalities in the world right now, and he is always in the spotlight whether he is on the radio or on the television. On either media outlet, Snoop is one of the most popular figures in the public eye. Snoop is musically talented, and a sure-fire lock for the Music Hall of Fame. He is whimsical and funny, and he is one of the most engaging artists in the world. But, his eclectic behavior outside the studio is one of the reasons that Snoop Dogg is so famous and well-loved.

The first thing that anyone should know about Snoop is that he smokes weed all the time. He smokes weed in the studio when he is working and making music. He smokes weed at home when he is with the family. He smokes weed in his recreational time. Snoop is always high. It has become an expectation of him. For anyone else, a drug habit this all-encompassing would be considered an addiction. But, for Snoop, it is just part of the equation. He recently became a Rastafarian and changed his stage name to Snoop Lion, at least partially to smoke more weed. If you want to spend time in his presence, then you must expect a second hand high.

The second thing about Snoop is that he is different. He is like your drunk uncle, only much cooler, much richer, and much higher. He knows a little about everything, he always has something funny and poignant to say, and he always does things his own way. Snoop is such a odd and intriguing character that he has his own show on MTV. And ironically, The Dogg House chronicles his life when he is not in the spotlight. It shows him from behind the scenes as a husband, a father, a coach, and at work in the studio. This is where Snoop really shines. In interviews, Snoop is a caricature of himself, louder, more flamboyant, and more inebriated than he would normally be. But at home, he is a loving husband and father who sometimes gets high. He coaches inner city youth in his spare time and is always willing to talk with the children about their lives. Football is one of his passions, and Snoop shares that with the neighborhood kids to keep them out of trouble. This guy is so compelling that the University of Southern California Trojans allows him to practice with them. Snoop runs routes with the receivers and hangs out in the locker room or on the sidelines in games. He is a multi-million dollar artist who is also just one of the guys. Snoop teaches the kids about life and consequences through sharing his troubles with the law. And, that is one of his most endearing qualities. He is flawed, but open. He lets the people who are around him into his life and gives them a lesson or two.

And then, there is his music. Snoop pioneered gangster rap with his work on the West coast. He put the city of Compton on the map with his work for Death Row Records. And as he got older, he realized that life was about more than guns and gang-banging, so he changed his content. Snoop used his sneaky drawl and smooth delivery to transform gangster rap into songs about the things that he loved to do the most in life, smoke weed and hang with his homies. Snoop’s venture into popular culture helped him to transcend genre and become a crossover success.

Snoop is a man that should be admired because he is a nonconformist. He swears in public, his eyes are generally a little redder than normal, and yet he regularly shows the capacity to be wholesome and caring. He stands as a musical giant in the industry even though he raps mostly about smoking weed and having fun. Snoop greatest attribute is his casual and personable countenance, and his willingness to just be one of the people despite his millions is what makes him one of a kind.



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