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Somethings Were Better Back Then

7 Jun

Contrary to what our parents tell us, very few things really were better in the old days. The transportation is better, the media is better, and so is the food. Today, people know more about the world around them, their effect on it, and therefore the effect the world has on them. But, there are a few things that were better back in the old days.

  1. Houses – You have probably heard that they “Don’t make ‘em like they used to,” before. Well, it is true. Though we have access to materials and knowledge that has accrued from the beginnings of civilization on what to build with and how to build houses, builders and architects regularly make poor decisions in their trade. They utilize only the cheapest materials that can legally be placed in a house. They disregard things like the natural shift of foundation over time, what materials best fits the house in regards to the area of the country it is built, and even the placement of the house locally. Houses that were built 50-70 years ago, outlast houses built in the last twenty years because people cared about their trade and consumers shopped more meticulously.
  2. Music – Just 30 years ago, when someone was called a musician, certain things were expected of them. They were expected to be classically trained in an instrument, vocally trained classically or to have a lifetime of singing lead in a choir, capable of writing their own music even if they regularly sang music written by someone else, and be a great live performer. Now, the few people that excel onstage are thought to be great entertainers, and if someone actually plays an instrument, the join the upper echelon of singers.
  3. Boobs – The development of cosmetic plastic surgery has had mixed success. On one hand, people that survived breast cancer or some other damaging physical injury have an option to help them avoid scrutiny from the outside world. However, the majority of plastic surgery consists of face lifts, tummy tucks, and breast enhancements. Breasts were better before doctors started touching them. Sophia Loren, Raquel Welch, and Pam Grier run circles around today’s standards of beauty like Pam Anderson, Katie Price, and Carmen Electra.
  4. Romantic relationships – People worked through their problems in the old days. They stuck it out when things got tough and made a conscious decision to love their partners through problems. More marriages lasted a lifetime, partially because people refused to quit. Before, the only reason that couples split was infidelity. Anything error or disagreement was talked through. Today, people are more likely to leave their partner at the first sign of turmoil. People regularly break up solely because of irreconcilable differences which translates into ‘We are not willing to work out our problems together.’
  5. Friends – There was a time when you could take a person at their word. If someone said that they were your friend, then they always had your best interest at heart. People of this era do not value friendship. Cases of best friends sleeping with their friends’ wives happen commonly. The general public are more likely to keep a person around them that says what they want to hear rather than the truth about difficult situations. Case in point, why has no one told Charlie Sheen to stop talking about drugs, alcohol, and porn stars in public.
  6. Values – There is little place in this world for pure, chaste moralists, but the world should not be completely void of basic values either. Everyone suddenly only values themselves. People no longer look beyond their situation to help others or simply empathize.
  7. Sexual orientation – Who you liked sexually was a lot easier to define even in the sexual revolution of the 60′s. Either you liked men women or both. People did not worry about defining themselves sexually. Now there’s transsexual, transgendered, bi-sexual, heterosexual, homosexual, and a whole lot of other obscure sexuals.

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