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Phrases That Need To Go 2013

30 Aug

August 30, 2013


Any phrase using the word fierce as a way to describe anything other than a ferocious animal or a sadistic human being needs to be forgotten. ‘That dress is fierce, girl!’, is not descriptive or creative. It is annoying. Everyone knows that gay culture is in right now, and tolerance for homosexual people and culture is better than it has ever been, but the tolerance of that phrase needs to cease.

You know what is not awesome? Bombs. Bombs are violent and terrible weapons. There is no reason that we should say that they are in any way okay. So, the idea of calling something the bomb when it is great is moronic. And, adding a dot com to make the phrase should make your soul cringe.

Get ‘Er Done

Yes, redneck culture has also inundated the American culture. There are rebel flags flying in the South, The Annual Redneck Games, and Jeff Foxworthy is still walking around encouraging poor White Americans to embrace their ignorance. But, the phrase ‘Get ‘er done,’ has run its course and we need to let it die.


Epic Fail

We failed ourselves when we started the phrase ‘epic fail.’ Now it just won’t go away. Every win is not awesome and every fail is not epic. It takes a special loser to have an epic fail, and most of the time an ‘epic fail’ is just a mistake from some idiot.


Woot Woot

The standard ‘Yay!’ or ‘Hurray!’ will suffice. There is no need for extra hyperbole.



Both the word and the dance need to go. There are ‘how-to,’ videos on, there are twerking dance teams, videos of twerking pets on Youtube, and even suburban moms go aerobic classes to twerk. However, the most sound reason to stop twerking is what happened at the VMA’s this year. When Miley Cyrus is the champion of booty dancing, then booty dancing needs to stop.


Any Abbreviations for Phrases

In case you did not know it, OMG, TTYL, and BRB are not actual words. They are abbreviations for commonly used phrases, and abbreviations are meant for writing not talking. When texting, abbreviations are completely acceptable. Sometimes you are in a rush and need to get a message to someone quickly. Sometimes a phone call will not do, and using text talk helps you to accomplish your goals more quickly than making a phone call. But, using text abbreviations in conversation is obnoxious. There is no reason for an adult with a full grasp of the English language to say SMH instead of ‘Shaking my head,’ or just shaking their head. Text talk can make a grown man sound like a 12 year old girl, but I’m sure that saving three seconds per comment is totally worth it.

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