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Random Thoughts August 2013

20 Aug

August 20, 2013

So…Racism Does Still Exist

I know that everyone thinks that racism has died because we have our first Black President, and the Europeans have long been ahead of America in its acceptance of multiracial couples, but anyone who thinks that equality and tolerance has been achieved would be sadly mistaken. And Oprah Winfrey, someone who I am sure thinks that she is above such trivialities as racial prejudice was reminded of who and what she is. Oprah allegedly was told to shop at Trois Pommes in Zurich by her good friend Tina Turner. Turner shopped there and bought a handbag that Oprah liked. So, Oprah went to the store and after she was shown several different bags in the store, she noticed that she was not shown a particular bag. When she asked why she was not shown that particular bag, the sales assistant told her that she could not afford it. In case you missed that, a sales person at a Swiss boutique looked at Oprah Winfrey who she obviously did not recognize, and told the wealthiest woman in the world that she could not afford a $38,000 handbag. Oprah is a billionaire with a capitol “B”. Her television empire is worth an estimated $7,000,000,000 dollars, but to that retailer she was just a Black woman who wanted something that was obviously out of her reach. The assistant was promptly fired, but not before the world was reminded that racism has not been eradicated.


Who Is Jarvis Jones?

Jarvis Jones has been the best and possibly the most productive player in the South Eastern Conference over the last three years at the University of Georgia. He is great against the run and great in the pass rush. Jones should be on most draft boards as one of the highest rated players in years, however a 4.92 40 yard dash time and an old prognosis of spinal stenosis from his first college days at USC has NFL scouts confused. Though Jarvis Jones is long healed of a spinal concussion and has two separate opinions that say that he is physically ready to play at the next level general managers are wary. He could be Terrel Suggs who should have been the first player taken overall in his draft but slipped further down the chart because of a slow forty time. But, Jones is 15 pounds lighter than Suggs and ,1 seconds slower in the 40. Then again, Jarvis Jones has loads of tape that says that he is quick enough to make plays at the next level. He is an enigma. We do not know who Jarvis Jones will be at the professional level, but we will find out soon enough.


Suffering Child Stars

Lindsay Lohan recently admitted to Oprah amidst tears that she was an addict. We got more breaking news from Oprah that day. Apparently, this young woman who has had public feuds with her both of her parents, has been photographed publicly while drunk and high sans underwear, and has lazed her way out of promising roles is an addict. Here is another news flash Oprah, child stars generally have a rough time growing up. They have to grow into adulthood through all the awkward stages of puberty in the public eye. They have to make all the mistakes of youth with paparazzi following them to capture those errors in judgement. Then, they also have enough resources to get whatever they want at any moment. It is a recipe for disaster. This is the reason that sweet Amanda Bynes tweeted that she wanted Drake to “murder her vagina”. This is why Danny Bonaduce still fights with addiction and has yet to reclaim the fame that he had as a red-headed kid.



Alex Rodriguez was handed down a sentence that could effectively end his storied career. He was always aloof and was known to chase women, but his forays into performance enhancing drugs and affairs have finally killed his public persona too. A-Rod is hard to cheer for, but he is also one of the most entertaining stories in sports. He is as polarizing a figure as there is in sports today. He could probably break all of baseball’s most coveted records if he continues to play, but he is already a convicted cheater. Do fans really want him to continue playing? Do his accomplishments in the America’s pastime sully the history of baseball? Are we as much to blame for the Steroid Era as players are to blame? After all, they juiced because the fans wanted to see home runs and everyone looked away. Alex Rodriguez represents the dichotomy of wealth and morals. Everyone wants to be rich, but few people are willing to do anything to get there. And, the people who watch the rich steal and do nothing to stop it, may be as guilty as the thief.

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