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Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em?

20 Sep

This article was originally posted on March 4, 2011. Enjoy.
by Rodimus Dunn

Julian Assange- He is the current editor in chief of the whistleblower website Wikileaks.  He has countless fans for promoting transparency from governments and corporate giants.  He is demonized (and has constant death threats) because he has exposed very secretive documents like American diplomatic cables, Church of Scientology manuals, and SOP for US soldiers working on Guantanamo Bay.  He claims to have toxic information on Bank of America and others which he will release if necessary.

Kobe Bryant- The “Black Mamba” is easily the most recognizable active athlete in the world.  His fame extends past North America, and into eastern culture.  Despite his mass appeal, many despise him for his cocky attitude, phony persona, and sexual assault allegations.

George W. Bush- “Dubya” made friends and enemies around the world for countless reasons.  Just for simplicity, two reasons he’s loved are he captured longtime US foe Saddam Hussein, and he added a prescription medication benefit for senior citizens with Medicare.  Two reasons the former president is demonized are his handling of the post Hurricane Katrina aftermath, and he helped create the United State’s worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

Jesse Jackson- Jackson is still respected in many circles for his work during the 1960′s civil rights movement with Martin Luther King Jr and his support of African-American equality.  He is oft criticized for appearing to be a publicity chaser, making extremely off color comments (concerning Jews and Barack Obama), and for having an extra-marital affair and producing a child (despite being a minister).  The situation was made even worse when it was established that the mother of this child was paid and promised substantial amounts of money from his non-profit organization.

Kim Kardashian- This “actress” and model is the face of the new American celebrity.  She is loved for her amazing looks and celebrity lifestyle.  She is reviled for the exact same reasons.  He has no real discernible talent, expect for her flawless physique, and it annoys people that she’s considered an actress (all she has is a reality show and a leaked sex tape).

Rush Limbaugh- This conservative politics opinion leader hosts the highest rated talk radio program in the America.  He is one of the strongest voices in the conservative movement, and he is highly appreciated, making $50 million per year for his efforts.  Limbaugh has won countless awards, and less than three years ago he won an award for being America’s most trusted radio personality.  Criticism comes from his extreme lack of political objectivity, hypocrisy regarding illegal drug use, racially insensitive remarks, and antagonistic candor.

Barack Obama- The 44th President of the United States promotes polarity simply for being president.  He is a Democrat, with apparently more liberal leaning tendencies, and that generates intense emotion from both parties.  He is the first African-American US president, and that also causes significant division.  Some other items that have garnered praise and dissidence were the government bailouts of the auto industry, his healthcare plan, handling of the BP oil spill, and most recent budget proposal.

Sarah Palin- She is easily the most polarizing female in American politics.  Palin was the 1st female chosen to be vice-president on the Republican ticket.  Conservatives adore her because she is an attractive, strong woman who holds an extremely right-wing stance.  Her many detractors think she is highly underqualified, not really that bright, and maybe too conservative for America’s best interests.

Howard Stern- The self proclaimed “King of All Media” is obviously adored, as he is the highest paid radio personality in the world, earning an estimated $100 million per year.  His many critics point to his brash attitude, insensitive remarks/commentary, and rather sexually lewd show fodder.

Oprah Winfrey- Although her real name is actually Orpah, this media mogul is one of the richest people in the entire world.  She is one of the nation’s prominent philanthropists, and empowers millions to engage in literacy and self-improvement.  Everything Oprah touches turns to gold, as her book recommendations always become best sellers.  She is often criticized for being far too liberal in her political beliefs (she publicly endorsed Obama during the 2008 election) despite having such an enormous audience, and she annoys scores of men for “brainwashing” armies of women.

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