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I Want A Divorce, You’re Too Ugly

8 Oct

October 8, 2013

jian feng

In celebration of the month of Halloween – the time where some of the scariest ideas become reality – we are revisiting a trial that happened almost a year ago to the day.

Jian Feng married the love of his life and readied himself for a lifetime alongside her. His wife was beautiful and everyone around the couple said that he worshiped her. Everything went fine for them at first. His wife soon became pregnant and after nine months, a healthy baby girl was born to the couple. And, that is when the trouble arose.

When Jian Feng saw his daughter for the first time, he was not overrun with the emotional out-pour of love and adoration that the average father would have for his first child. No, instead, Feng could not believe how “ugly” this baby girl was. In fact, the baby was so ugly to him that Feng did what any loving father and husband would do and accused his beautiful wife of cheating on him.

A paternity test ensued because the child did not look like either of the two parents, but the bouncing baby girl did belong to the couple. Feng was the father. And then, the truth about his wife finally came out. His wife had undergone multiple surgeries that cost upwards of $100,000 to change her appearance. And unfortunately for her, surgery does not change genetics. Though she looked beautiful, she also passed along the genetic code for her appearance before the surgeries. Jian Feng promptly filed for divorce, sued his wife for $120,000, and won.

No divorce case could be easily described as pretty, but this one is as ugly as it gets. And now a child has to grow up knowing that her face broke up her parent’s marriage.

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