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Technology’s Biggest Screw-Ups

4 Oct

gatling gun

1. The Gatling Gun – The Gatling gun was actually invented by a doctor, Richard Jordan Gatling. Whoops. Ten guns, ten bolts, ten firing pins working  in unison to decimate the opposition. Dr. Gatling thought that by making a more efficient gun, less soldiers would be needed to go to war which would theoretically mean that fewer lives would be taken.Dr. Gatling was very misguided. The Gatling gun was responsible for more deaths than any other weapon in the wars in which it was used. Shooting ten bullets at a target is more effective than shooting one at a time, however making a more efficient gun always means more deaths at the hands of a gun owner. And, Dr. Gatling’s innovative technology is still being used in modern automatic weapons.


2. Cell Phones – A creation that allows people to talk to anyone while they are away from their home is a valuable invention. You always have access to people. However, the flip side of that is that you too are always accessible. Your boss can call you at any hour of the day or night for work. The people that constantly need favors have a way to reach you at all hours. Your mother knows immediately when you are avoiding her because you do not answer the phone that is constantly attached to your hip.Cellular phones have become more of a nuisance than a benefit. And, the decline of pay phones have also made them more necessary.

text message02

3. Text messages – While we’re here we might as well talk about texting. It seemed like a good idea at first. Find a way to send messages from phone to phone without the hassle of making a phone call. It sounds great in theory, but the text message has slowly been causing the younger generation to stop talking to one another. Young men have no clue what to say to women when they meet them face to face. The younger generation of adults only know how to instant message or talk over text messages. Conversations are like virtual eighth grade dances with the boys on one side of the phone and the girls on the other side. And then, text messages allow people to send annoying messages to you without having to face the normal consequences of their words. People argue and cry through text.


4. Television – The invention of the television pushed people into the modern era of communication. Prior to television, people regularly engaged in the strangest activities. Weird behaviors like reading books and sitting as a family while listening to the radio were common occurrences. People used to communicate with one another instead of mindlessly staring into the glaring lights of a box. The people behind the media and television outlets are geniuses. Programmers configure TV shows so that all of peoples needs are met through the programming. Viewers get the breaking news, weather reports, current events, the best venues for fine dining, and constant entertainment through their favorite comedies and dramas. TV is so well-managed that people no longer have to leave their homes for anything.


5. Social Media – In the same vein as the previously mentioned advances in technology, the prevalence of social media has made our large world increasingly more connected. People who meet online and have never seen one another in person can now Skype and talk face to face from thousands of miles apart. Other social media platforms like Facebook allow people to reconnect with friends after decades apart. However, the same platforms also can divisive and destructive. Facebook has broken up as many relationships as it has began. Innocuous comments posted by crazy exes and spurned lovers can cause friction in relationships. And, people do not respect the permanence of words that reach the internet. Teenagers who notoriously make poor decisions, regularly make comments ill-advised comments. They talk about sex, politics, and countless other inappropriate topics publicly through social media not realizing that the terrible comments that they make today can be viewed 30 years from now.

blow-up doll

Sex Toys

Dildos, vibrators, and lubricants seem like some of the best manufactured products that have ever been made available to the public, and they are certainly some of the most profitable. Anyone peddling orgasms will have steady work. And if used properly, they can enhance the sexual experience between two people who love each other. However, sex toys are rarely used to enhance sex in a relationship. No, they are used mostly for self gratification, and in some cases the regular satisfaction that men and women get from their toys may replace the need for human interaction altogether. Men get addicted to blow-up dolls, flesh lights, and their computer screen. Women cozy up to their rabbits and bullets instead of a mate. The sex industry is lucrative, but it is slowly taking our humanity.

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