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Proof That Women Are Evil from the Animal Kingdom

21 Nov

November 21, 2013

black widow

The Black Widow – Black Widows get their names from a sinister habit. They are thought to have been given their name because of their deadliness to human beings, meaning that a bite could make a woman a widow. However, Black Widow spiders earned their names from the female spiders’ affinity for eating the the males after having sex.


Bonobo Monkey – Bonobos could also be known as the ‘whore’ monkeys. They are the closest known relatives to human beings, and like human beings their culture revolves around sex. Bonobos trade sexual favors for anything from food to tools. And not surprisingly, they are one of the only monkey cultures that is run by females.

praying mantis - eating head

Praying Mantis – The Praying Mantis is one of the most unique looking insects in the animal world. They are also one of the most voracious predators of the insect world. They will eat almost anything, including, but not limited to their mates.

scorpion - cannibal

Scorpions – Scorpions eat mostly crickets and cockroaches in the United States, however they are also opportunistic feeders when it comes to mating. Scorpions can be cannibalistic when food is scarce, and female scorpions regularly eat their companions after the copulation.


Mosquitoes – Mosquitoes make up one of the last remaining scourges that have plagued mankind. They re responsible for the spread of Malaria, West Nile virus, and various other blood-borne diseases through their painful, itchy bite. And, the only mosquitoes that bite are females before they lay eggs.

wolf spider

Wolf Spiders – Male wolf spider give themselves up as a meal to their mates after sex, but sometimes the bitchy wolf spiders eat them before copulating.


Hamsters – Scientists are not sure if the birthing process has drained the female hamsters to the point where they are opportunistically cannibalistic, or if the scent of human hands on their offspring confuses the mothers, but hamsters often eat their own young.

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