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Athletes and Infidelity

9 Dec

The Big Philanderer

Professional athletes cannot seem to keep their pants on. They seem to be incapable of monogamous relationships and unable to keep their hands off of each other wives. In the last year, at least three cases of interpersonal affairs with teammates’ spouses have become glaringly public in just the National Basketball Association. Tony Parker is in the middle of a nasty divorce with Eva Longoria for sending over 1,000 text messages to the wife of his former teammate, Brent Barry. Though nothing illicit has been released, it is widely assumed that some extracurricular activities had taken place, because Barry soon filed for a separation too. Steve Nash a former, 2-time NBA MVP recently filed for divorce from his wife, Alejandra Amarillo Nash, after the 3rd born child of the couple was allegedly born Black. Nash is White and his wife is a Latina. Shaquille O’Neal allegedly had a 5 year secret liaison with the fiancée of Gilbert Arenas. Arenas had to test all 3 of the children to prove that he fathered them. Professional athletes are notoriously self-involved and self-centered. Their behavior lacks the cognizance and calculation of any rational adult and their corresponding actions show an immaturity and selfishness that has long been engrained into their personalities.

They believe that they are impervious to disease so they sleep with random women without protection. Magic Johnson became the first popular public figure that contracted HIV because he spent years sleeping around in the 80′s. Though he was well-respected throughout the league and with the NBA fan base, he was decidedly careless with his health and was emotionally immature. Wilt Chamberlain claimed to have slept with over 20,000 women in his lifetime. That is an average of about 3-4 women a day if he became sexually active at the age of 18. Antonio Cromartie has so many children from different women that he has difficulty remembering them all. Athletes are not remorseful even when their selfishness and carelessness affects their children.

The professional athlete has to have a high belief in self in order to compete regularly against the best athletes in the world. They need to want the ball and believe that they can score against anyone to compete. They have to believe that they are unstoppable in their profession to perform well on the court or the field. Unfortunately, this belief in self spills into their normal lives too. They never hear anyone near them tell them “No”, so they think that they can have whatever they want, regardless of what it is or to whom it belongs.  The higher paid players in the NBA regularly buy their own personal jets and many other extravagant amenities. For music moguls and oil tycoons who literally are worth billions of dollars and have to fly across the world in a moment’s notice to complete a multi-million dollar deal, having a personal jet with the subsequent pilot and staff is somewhat necessary. For a guy that makes $15,000,000 a year, a multi-million dollar jet and the added expenses of staffing and regular maintenance is an irresponsible expense. They have team charters to fly them to games and can use scheduled flights for other trips. But that is the point, professional athletes are irresponsible. They are generally inner city kids that were raised in poverty with little to no supervision. A large percentage come from single parent homes or live with relatives and neither of their parents due to extenuating circumstances. 1 in 4 people today grew up in a single parent home. That number jumps up to over 1 in 2 with professional ball players. Their lack of responsible behavior stems from their early financial stability and the ease at which they attain it. People that have to work and save for a lifetime to garner wealth have a wealth of personal experience before the become rich, and understand how to sacrifice. They are tested both emotionally and fiscally, so they grow into their maturity steadily. Professional athletes are given a salary that exceeds those of the most prominent common professionals like medical doctors and attorneys, as early as at the age of 18 years. Their maturity stops progressing the moment that they become financially wealthy, and thus they become emotionally famished. They have no sense of responsibility and no clue about financial planning. Because they suddenly have more money than they ever could have imagined earning in a lifetime, they erroneously think that they will never run out of money and spend their finances accordingly. In parallel with their line of ego-centric, immature thinking, once these athletes become bonafide stars they think that no woman is off limits. Professional athletes seldom calculate the ramifications of their actions.

And, the lifestyle of an athlete leaves them with a lot of time away from their families. Space away from spouses may be the biggest cause for infidelity. Professional sports franchises regularly spend weeks out of town playing against their opponents. That means weeks alone if they are faithful to their wives. And, it means weeks with no one to keep them accountable to their wives and girlfriends if they want to cheat.

Professional athletes cheat because they are never forced to grow up and behave responsibly. They are given an inordinate amount of money at an age when they can not necessarily handle it, they have access to things that the average person could only imagine, and they live a lifestyle that gives them the opportunity to spend time away from home. Professional athletes cheat because they have more resources and more opportunities to cheat, and the people in their lives have to accept that they may never be faithful.

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  1. AFM June 28, 2011 at 4:05 PM #

    To correct you Evelyn, there were no allegations against Nash when the article was written though they have since come out. However, the allegations against Ale have not been completely rescinded. Only the paternity of the child has been determined. Also, we love comments from ladies, so thank you.

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