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Most Underrated Actors

20 Jan

This article was originally posted on March 13, 2012. Enjoy.

Don Cheadle – Don Cheadle is one of the most versatile actors in the cinema right now. He has played an oppressed African teacher and mentor, a freed man in the bigotry-filled South, a porn star, and is now starring in his own television series as a management consultant. Cheadle brings authenticity to any role and steals the spotlight regardless of the size of his character.

Giovanni Ribisi – Ribisi is a chameleon. He folds into any role seamlessly, and gives genuine, poignant performances regardless of the size of the role or the number of lines given to the character. Giovanni Ribisi is one of those actors that most people recognize, but can not name. He has played many characters in various movies, and has excelled in all of them.

Ryan Gosling – Ryan Gosling could be the heartthrob of 2012, but he can actually act too. He co-starred in one of the biggest film franchises of all time, the Lord of the Rings. And, he is slowly beginning to get top billing in his films. Gosling can play in any type of movie whether it be action, drama, or comedy. He co-starred in the aforementioned epic The Lord of the Rings, and headlined Drive, his newest movie.

Josh Brolin – Josh Brolin is a bit typecast as a cowboy, but he is surprisingly great at emoting when it is necessary to the character that he is playing in a film. He plays the bad-ass in most of his movies, but is best when he is vulnerable.

Will Ferrell – Will Ferrell is one of the funniest guys in comedy and has been for the last ten years, but he is remarkably under appreciated as an actor. He is remarkably capable of excelling in serious roles like his character in Stranger than Fiction or just being Frank the Tank in Old School. Ferrell is a talented comedian turned actor in the vein of Jim Carey or Jamie Foxx.

Terry Crews – Terry Crews is unexpectedly versatile, though he is often typecast as an athlete. He is funny, but also capable of playing different emotional roles too. He plays a father of three in the television show, Everybody Hates Chris, a pompous athlete in White Chicks, and an action hero in The Replacements.

Chiwetel Ejiofor – He has played a transvestite, a member of a space ship, Othello, a slave, and a member of government agency to name a few. He is as versatile of an actor as you can find. And, he is authentic in each role. Ejiofor has played in comedies, dramas, and action movies. He is great in starring roles and smaller roles. Chiwetel Ejiofor blends into each role, and excels in roles high in turmoil.

Paul Rudd – Paul Rudd is equally as charming as he is funny, And, he is absolutely hilarious in his movies. The cameras seem to find him in his movies, no matter how small the role. Rudd has a sharp, dry wit and delivery. He excels in subtlety which eludes most of even the best actors today.

Greg Kinnear – If you look at his resume only, you would come to the conclusion that Kinnear is grossly underrated. He has given stellar performances in small roles for his entire career, but recently he has also stepped into larger, more lucrative roles too. He brings compassion and genuineness to his characters.

Jeffrey Wright – Jeffrey Wright is a talented actor. He has stints in several different television shows and numerous smaller roles in movies. His acting is impeccable in every role. Wright conveys intelligence and insight in each character that he plays. Whether it be through his selection of parts or through his acumen as an actor Jeffrey Wright is brilliant in any role.

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