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Why Dwayne Wade Cheated

11 Feb

February 11, 2014

dwayne wade - gabrielle union

People are looking for some dramatic answer as the reason why Dwayne Wade cheated on Gabrielle Union (and consequently fathered another son with a groupie). They see a beautiful woman who works as an accomplished movie and television star, and they wonder why anyone would cheat on her. They see a man who has it all, money, popularity, and a movie star as a partner. They seem like the perfect couple. The answer to the question of why he cheated is simple. Dwayne Wade cheated on Gabrielle Union because he could.

A man is basically as faithful as his options. That's how faithful a man is,no more, no less.
You see all these fat Republican guys going: ''l would never do such a thing. This is a travesty.''
l'm like, ''Nobody's trying to blow you.''
.....That's right.
lt's damn near impossible for a man to turn down sex.

Chris Rock, Comedian

Wealthy, powerful men cheat at a higher rate than the average man because they have better and more plentiful opportunities to cheat. And, few men have as many chances to sleep with beautiful women as a NBA athlete, much less a perennial All-Star. No one should be surprised Wade’s actions. Men have been cheating on their wives since the beginning of time, and affluent men have more options than the common man. They have access to more places and thus more access to women. They spend more time away from home because of their vocation and can expend more of their financial resources to cover their infidelities. And, wealthy men attract more women than the average guy because they have more resurces. These men regularly have trysts with their secretaries, housekeepers, and coworkers. The President of the United States almost lost his job behind a series of indiscretions with a White House Intern. The rich have always had extramarital affairs.

Dwayne Wade has one of the most recognizable faces in basketball, was voted one of People magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People in 2005, is firmly implanted on most fashion magazine’s best dressed lists, and he is worth about $95 million. He has more money than most men regardless of class or background. Women pursue him knowing that he is engaged and knowing to whom he is engaged. These women have an agenda when they meet him. Some of them are looking for a monthly child support check and can quote his basketball statistics, salary, and endorsement deals. Some are just looking for a good time. But, every woman that meets him knows what they want from him when they meet him. Dwayne Wade does not have the luxury of naivety. He has more chances to screw up a relationship than the average guy. NBA groupies pay members of his crew to let them into his hotel room. These women do whatever they can to get in close proximity with athletes including sleeping with the crew, so that they can meet and bed these stars. Even professional businessmen are not sought after on that level.

And then, guys like Wade spend as much time away from their home as they spend in town with their loved ones. The NBA season lasts up to 8 months from training camp to the NBA Finals. And with all the road trips and practices that Wade has to take, he could feel estranged from his family when he gets back to Miami.

Despite all this, people believe that a woman like Gabrielle Union should be able to keep Wade’s eyes away from other women. She speaks openly about being a “freak” with her man. She has a gorgeous face, supple caramel skin, a slim but curvy shape, and she always seems to glow when she is in the public eye. Gabrielle Union represents a standard of beauty and success for many women. However, Gabrielle Union is not “Gabrielle Union” the flawless superstar to Dwayne Wade. To him, she is Gabby, the woman who is insecure about her hips, Gabs who never flushes the toilet after she uses it, GU who leaves the lights on in the house, or Gabrielle, the woman who is crabby early in the morning and wears jogging pants all day. He sees her without the mask that is shown to the public. He knows “who” she is, not just what she shows the world. And, that does not mean that Wade does not love her. Those little quirks are what endear and bind people together in relationships. That candidness is important to bonding. But once the real person is revealed, the mystique fades. The women of Miami and all the major cities that he visits still have that aura of mystery.

dwayne wade - sandrina schultzThis is the new baby mama. It was probably hard for Wade to turn that down.

Dwayne Wade is an young, attractive millionaire athlete in peak physical condition. He is testosterone-riddled and bombarded by the beautiful women of Miami and other cities nightly. He has enough money to do just about anything that he wants and has ample time to do it. Whether Wade was going to cheat was never in question. The question was with whom was he going to cheat and how long would it take before the indiscretion got into the public eye.

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