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Women That are Worth Stalking

13 Feb

Michelle Beadle – Men hate women that pretend to love sports. Every man that loves athletics has dated at least one woman that said that she loved to play or watch games, but had no clue about the sport that they claimed to “love”. Michelle Beadle is the antithesis of this woman. She is a beautiful, feminine woman who really understands and loves sports. She co-hosts Sports Nation and her knowledge and appreciation of athletics shines through.

Daisy Lowe – Lindsay Lohan is out as our resident hot party girl. Daisy Lowe now reigns as the Answers from Men new “it” girl. She is an English fashion and runway model who also happens to be the daughter of Pearl Lowe, a singer/songwriter, and Gavin Rossdale, the lead singer for Bush. She parties and drinks with all the cool kids and occasionally goes topless.

Mila Kunis – She plays the ditzy, cheerleader on That 70’s Show, she voices Meg Griffin on Family Guy, and is the costar of The Book of Eli and Friends with Benefits. By all accounts, she is a tough yet funny cheerleader, who is ok with casual sex.

Christina Hendricks – For two obvious reasons.

Elizabeth Banks – Elizabeth Banks is the girl next door…that is smoking hot and knows as many dirty jokes as you do. She is beautiful, and can change from goofy buddy to seductress in seconds. She has a memorable solo bathtub scene in The Forty-Year Old Virgin, and starred in Zach and Miri Make a Porno. Elizabeth Banks is versatile, sexy, and talented.

Giada de Laurentiis – Giada sports a million dollar smile, a full “C”, and speaks fluent Italian, a language of love we are told. To top it all off, she hosts her own cooking show on the Food Network. That is right. She is hot, speaks another language, and she cooks.

Claire Robinson – Claire Robinson is Giada with a personality. She has a big Southern drawl, and is a genius in the kitchen. She seems like the girl that you can hang out and have beer with, dress up and hit the town…or maybe undress and play doctor.

Leslie Mann – Some women are pretty. Some women are funny. But, very few women are both beautiful and capable of delivering fall-out-of-your-chair laughs. Leslie Mann powers most of the Judd Apatow movies with sharp delivery and exceptional timing. On top of all that, she is pretty hot.

Olivia Wilde – Those eyes take bedroom gaze to another place, and if guys are actually looking at a woman’s eyes, then they must be beautiful. Olivia Wilde is one of the sexiest women alive. She has long sleek legs, and a demure, athletic figure with glossy, flowing hair on her shoulders. Besides stops on television powerhouse, House, she also hits the big screen in Cowboys and Aliens this year. It sounds like a strange premise for a movie, but Olivia Wilde on the silver screen for a couple of hours may well be worth the price of admission.

Steph Curry’s Mom – Steph Curry’s mom is hotter than Stifler’s mom. She is a former basketball and volleyball player at Radford High and a former volleyball player at Virginia Tech. And, more importantly she conceived one of the most exciting college basketball players in the last twenty years and one of the last pure shooters in the NBA. Steph Curry’s mom is a national treasure.

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