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Celebrities Who Are Best in the Bedroom

31 Mar

March 31, 2014

Erykah Badu - The sultry, soul singer whose unique voice and eclectic style make her an entity by herself.

Evidence: Every artist that she dates is completely different after she dates them. She has dated Andre Benjamin, Common, and Jay Electronica, and each of them have switched their lifestyle, their image, and their music to something drastically variant from what they were before the relationship. Erykah Badu changes people and the reason that they are so compliant is probably because she rocked their world sexually first. She oozes a sexual vibe though she never really talks about sex.


Rihanna - The pop/hip hop artist who dominates all the music charts with catchy songs and sexy onstage dances.

Evidence: Rihanna challenges Michael Jackson for the number of crotch grabs that she has onstage. She is often overtly sexual while entertaining, and some of that sexiness has to spill over into her personal life. Despite rarely talking about loving anyone, she caused two hip-hop superstars, Drake and Chris Brown, to have a long, physical, and very public feud. And, there are rumors that attach her sexually to several other stars in her past, including Jay-Z.


Pamela Anderson - Pamela Anderson is a sexual icon. She was cute in Home Improvement with Tim Allen, but she revolutionized  television in Baywatch. Women running in bikinis in slow-motion hit the national scene with her red swimsuit.

Evidence: Pamela Anderson’s sextape is evidence enough that she can “perform” in the bedroom. Pamela Anderson started the sextape revolution, and her “acting” in this case was phenomenal.


Jessica Simpson - Jessica was a Disney star turned pop star turned virginal reality TV star. She has always been smoking hot, but she also kept a stellar reputation as a good girl.

Evidence: Nick Latchey married her despite her affinity to say and do stupid, annoying things in public (i.e. the chicken of the sea debate). And, John Mayer said publicly that she was sexual dynamite.


Halle Berry - Halle Berry is one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood. She is an Oscar winning actress and takes a very diverse set of roles in all her movies.

Evidence: Watch Monster’s Ball at the …..minute mark. It was desperate, and it was not sexy, but it was spirited. Plus, the debacle with the father of her daughter made Halle seem a little crazy. Crazy women are always best in the bed.

heidi klum

Heidi Klum - Former supermodel turned fashion mogul

Evidence: Klum is free-spirited and open with her body. At 50, she occasionally does nude modeling for high end magazines and she keeps herself dressed in sexy, fashionable clothing. A woman who is comfortable in her own skin is probably comfortable in the bedroom. And, she shows a blatant self-confidence in everything that she does. Hopefully, that translates to the bedroom too.


Angelina Jolie - This woman has stood as one of the most hottest women on the planet for nearly a decade. Her demure body language, pouty lips, and curvy figure have driven men wild while watching her movies throughout her illustrious career.

Evidence: If there is any doubt about this woman in between the sheets, then watch Taking Lives or Original Sin. And if that was not enough, she talked openly about her sex life with Billy Bob Thornton to the media. How else could she have stolen Brad Pitt away from Jennifer Aniston?

heidi klum02 hot - angelina jolie02

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