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Why You Should Date A Divorced Man

18 Mar

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Okay. You have some real hangups about dating a divorcee, and those thoughts and feelings are valid. He has failed at a very public and very serious relationship. He has complex financial situation and emotional baggage with children which can be a complicated ordeal all by themselves. You have to learn his desires and dislikes, learn his children’s distinct personalities, and coexist and deal with their mother for the entirety of the relationship. However, dating a divorced man has more benefits than drawbacks ladies. Men who have been husbands, fathers, and lovers have a better understanding of what makes a marriage work and what allows them to fall apart. The various different experiences of a divorced man in their previous marriage can make them a better catch for a single woman than the average man.

A man who has previously been married to a woman treats women differently. Simply living with a woman gives men an understanding of the female perspective that most people do not have. These men know how far a simple compliment goes. Women want and need affirmation. People, in general, are often insecure about a myriad of different things, and women change their opinions about several different superficial facets of their life including hair, clothing, and weight. “You look beautiful,” solves a lot of the smaller, daily conundrums that women face in relation to social perception. Divorced men know how to alleviate the smaller stressors that affect women with kind words. They know how to read women better.┬áMen who have been married know when to shut up and when to offer their advice. They know when to comfort and console, when to give a pep talk, and when to just listen. These men have already made all the mistakes that men make when dealing with women, and they know how to communicate with them. They know that connecting with a woman is not about sex. It is about emotional intimacy. Being in a house with a woman forces guys to change the way that they interact with women. A man who has been married understands how to deal with women and how to make them feel appreciated.

These men have several different life experiences that make them more apt to be more compatible with most women than the average man. Single women who do not have any children of their own often dread dating a man with kids. However, having children is one of the life experiences that changes men for the better. Living with a woman teaches men how to talk to women without having any ulterior motives, but raising children teaches men compassion and responsibility. Children require both physical and emotional support from their parents, and single men only know how to fend for themselves. Men who have children have had to learn to supply their wife and children with all their financial needs and all their emotional needs too. A man’s primary responsibility is to provide for his family, however men also need to have to serve as a role model and a sounding board for their children. Men learn to listen to and console their children as they grow up. Any man who has filled nurturing roles in his family life will be more sympathetic and empathetic with the woman whom he is dating.

And, the benefits of dating a divorced man stretch past mental and emotional advantages into physical perks. Men who have been married make better lovers than single men. Single men behave like dogs chasing cars. They run after every skirt that they see, and have no clue what to do once they finally catch one. Because of all the porn that single guys watch and all the inexperienced lovers that they have, these deluded men actually think that sex is about them. A man who has been married knows that sex is not about him. The quality of sex depends on how engaged and involved the woman is, and a woman’s involvement in sex is usually directly related to the amount of foreplay that happens before actual penetration. Therefore, a divorcee has to be a skilled and attentive lover. Men climax regardless of the quality of the sex, but many women never finish during intercourse and up to 85% of women can not reach orgasm without clitoral stimulation. Any man that has lived with a woman for an extended amount of time has had multiple conversations about the importance of transitioning through sex from mental stimulation to heavy petting into actual penetration. A divorcee has had regular sex with a woman, so his ability to physically please a woman is higher than the average guy.

In general, the ability to please a woman in any way is higher in a divorced man than it is in a single man. Divorced men are better equipped in communication, they are more compassionate, and they understand more about women sexually. A divorced man has experienced more of life, and he knows what he wants and what he can provide in a relationship. Ladies, do not hesitate to date a man who has been married. He may treat you better than you have ever been treated.

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