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Best Bodies in Hollywood 2011

29 Apr

September 27, 2011


10. Annalynne McCord – Annalynne is petite and athletic. She has long limbs and a tight, taut frame with a sun-kissed shade from plenty of time on the beach.

9. Jessica Alba – Jessica Alba has long gorgeous legs and a small, but curvy figure. She also has smooth, golden brown skin on an hourglass figure.

8. Emmanuelle Chriqui – Emmanuelle Chriqui is olive-skinned, petite, and oozes femininity. Her body is perfectly proportioned and well-toned.

7. Halle Berry – Her body should go into the Hall of Fame. Halle Berry has been one of the most beautiful and sexy women in the history of Hollywood. She has a full bust and wide hips on a small frame. Halle reportedly made $500,000 extra for going topless in the movie Swordfish.

6. Anne Hathaway – Anne Hathaway has a lithe, demure figure. She is famous for her pretty smile and her perky “C” cups, but she has a gorgeous figure that includes beautiful legs and flawless skin.

5. Christina Hendricks – This woman’s cleavage has a mind of its own. Hendricks brought sexy back for the voluptuous women. Her breasts and hips are ogled at any and every public appearance she makes.

4. Jennifer Lopez – J-Lo made it cool for women to have nice butts, and allegedly, hers was insured for over a million dollars. There is no official count for how many butt injuries occur every year, but Jennifer Lopez’s is worth every penny.

3. Scarlett Johansson – Ryan Reynolds is an idiot, because Scarlett Johansson is eye-ball numbing hot. She somehow managed to be both petite and voluptuous. Her skin is smooth and rosy-colored skin with a perfect hourglass figure.

2. Diora Baird – They’re real and they’re spectacular.

1. Jessica Biel – Jessica Biel has a tight, athletic build with nice hips, a perfect butt, and full breasts. You could iron on her abs or bounce a quarter off her ass. She regularly flaunts her long, toned legs in minis or dresses, or throws on a bikini for some fun on the beach.

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