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Best Disney Movies

17 Apr

This article was originally submitted on August 11, 2011. Due to our love of Disney movies and public outcry, we decided to run it again. Enjoy.

20. Fantasia – Fantasia was as visually stunning as any Disney movie had been when it was released. It was magical and had great music and adventure throughout the entire movie. Mickey Mouse stars as the sorcerer’s apprentice and mistakenly uses magic that he can not control. Some of classical music’s most popular songs are recreated by the Philadelphia Orchestra as the soundtrack to Mickey’s adventure.

19. Sleeping Beauty – Aurora, who is also known as Sleeping Beauty, was given the gifts of beauty and song by two fairies, but then cursed by a witch. She falls into a deep slumber and awaits true love’s first kiss.

18. Peter Pan - Peter Pan is a story of connecting with your imagination. It is one of the rare movies that has greater meaning than the storyline entails. Peter Pan is a story of faith and re-connecting with your inner child.

17. The Jungle Book – Mowgli, an orphaned child, is left in the jungle and raised by wolves. As he grows older, he finds out who he is and makes a few friends on the way.

16. Mulan – Fa Zhou is an aging warrior who has no sons to replace him in the military. He has a daughter, Mulan, who loves him and desperately wants to fight, but is denied because only men can serve the country in that capacity. She rns away from home, disguises herself as a man, and enters the military. An enemy of the state returns and only Mulan can oppose him.

15. Dumbo – Dumbo is born into a circus and is loved until the rest of the elephants realize that he has a pair of humungous ears. He is ridiculed by them and almost everyone else from that point on. After he fails at the elephant pyramid, he becomes a clown which makes him even less popular. But, he learns that he can fly, saves the circus, and becomes the most popular elephant of all time. Dumbo is a story of redemption and learning to love yourself.

14. Tarzan - He hangs out in a loin cloth and has feet like a  hobbit. He can’t really talk and grunts while scratching himself, but still gets the girl. It is a story of finding where you fit in and knowing and believing in yourself.

13. Pinocchio – Pinocchio has a dream. And, he follows it through different obstacles because he believes that it is worth having. Though he struggles and faces enemy that he never thought he would meet, he continues on his journey for fulfillment. Pinocchio is a story of perseverance.

12. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – It sounds like the name of a porn, so it makes the list.

11. Lady and the Tramp – If you ever say that you do not like the “We Are Siamese” song, you are a liar and you should be beaten with sticks. That song is amazing…and creepy.

10. Monsters Inc. – Until Sullivan and Boo meet, monsters scare children from their closets to support their city. After they meet, things will never be the same.

9. Beauty and the Beast – Beauty and the Beast teaches you to look beyond physical appearances and find the inner beauty of people.

8. The Incredibles – Superheroes are forced into civilian life by the public. But, ultimately the public needs the superheroes to save them. The storyline and dialogue are great, and the characters are engaging. The Incredibles is entertainment for the entire family.

7. Alice in Wonderland – Alice in Wonderland is a story of self-examination and purpose. The movie focuses on and reiterates that in order to get anywhere, you have to know where you plan to go.

6. 101 Dalmatians – 101 Dalmatians tell the story of a mother and father who will go through anything to save their children.

5. Toy Story – Toy Story is one of the best movie series in cinematic history. The movie follows Woody and his friends as they fight to show Andy, “their kid,” how much they love him.

4. Bambi – Bambi is a young deer that is called the ‘Prince of the Forest.’ He suddenly finds himself alone and has to learn how to survive in the forest. Ultimately,  Bambi has to choose between his safety and that of the people that love him.

3. The Lion King – The Lion King is basically Bambi in Africa, with better heroes, better villains, better music, and Timon and Puumba. Bambi didn’t get its own Broadway musical did it? Suck it Bambi!

2. Aladdin – Aladdin is a street urchin that wants a better life. Jasmine is a princess that wants an adventure. They find that they are more alike than they could have ever imagined. Aladdin is a love story wrapped in an adventure in India. They fight Jafar, a greedy and powerful wizard that lives in the castle and befriend Genie, a …ahem, genie.

1. The Little Mermaid – The Little Mermaid is a story of maturation and love. There are many different themes in the movie, including but not limited to becoming an adult, chasing your dream, and following your heart. Ariel knows that her life will take her somewhere other than under her father’s roof (…ocean, sea, whatever). And, she follows her heart until she gets what she desires. It takes her into some dark places, but she leaves those places a better person, literally and figuratively. The Little Mermaid is the best Disney movie ever.

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