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Budget Friendly Dates That Make Good Impressions

29 May

In the dating scene, a man can easily spend a thousand bucks on activities, in a months’ time. Even if a guy starts dating just one girl, the cost of courting can potentially be more expensive because he starts to care about her and wants to make more significant purchases. This process, no matter the stage of dating you are in, can break anybody’s bank. Guys really only have 2 Dinner-and-a-Movie’s, per girl he’s dating, in his bag of date-fun to use before she loses interest because she thinks either he’s A) Boring, B) Losing interest, or C) Both. The other important thing to consider is that what you, as a male, thinks is fun, is not likely the exact same as a female’s idea. If she is not complaining yet about the fact that every time you two hang out you watch a different action movie and eat chicken wings, then she probably sees your inner-greatness and wants to give you a fair chance or she has no self-esteem and doesn’t want you to not like her if she says she can’t watch another movie that has more gunfire than dialogue.

Think outside the box. Do not try to think like a woman-you will fail. Just be creative. You can wildly woo a woman, or multiple women, with a little thought and attention to detail. Chances are, if you just casually propose some of these ideas in advance, the detail wires that women are born with in their brains will start to fire and she’ll take the reins while you get most of the credit. You will still have to pay, but not to worry. These inspired ideas are kind to your pocketbook (if you have a job and some ambition-which if not, you won’t have much luck dating a decent woman anyway). Mostly, take our suggestions, keep an open mind, and remember that what may seem lame to you may actually be enjoyable and most importantly, will keep her eye on the prize-you.


1. Night Picnic at the Park

Picnics and parks often evoke good feelings because of how we associate them to fun as a child. This date should take place after dark though, at a park in a nicer neighborhood or area of town and that is well-lit. It is not romantic or fun to eat next to sleeping strangers or hazardous materials hidden in the dirt beneath the swings. Tell her briefly about your plan, but not too many details and approach it romantically and spontaneously. You will need a blanket and a packed meal. Do not plan the food and drinks beforehand but have an idea of what you want, and then pick them out together, at the grocery store, on the way to the park. This allows for a sensory experience. Negotiating about tastes in food, likes and dislikes of flavors and certain items can be very revealing of one’s personality. Don’t be pushy or dismissive of her ideas, but lead the shopping in the direction of a sophisticated yet snack-ish meal, not something that requires a lot of preparation or effort. Also, stay away from flavors that leave bad breath or gassiness. An example of a good picnic is: brie, water crackers, strawberries, cold lemonade or a malt alcoholic beverage like Smirnoff Ice. No soda. No garlic. You may get to playfully ask her if you have strawberry seeds in your teeth and that gets you close to each other’s faces, which could lead to some kissing. Invite her to swing. Again, remember the whimsical feeling of swinging as a kid? This is another sensory experience that creates an enjoyable time and carefree mood. When the meal is done, you may be able to lie down on the blanket and see stars depending on where you are. Gee, you’re so romantic!


Food & Drinks            $35

Light Blanket              $ 12.50 (you probably already have it, just make sure it’s clean)

Travel                         $ 1.50 (A neighborhood park should be no more than 5 miles away)

Total:                           $50 or less


2. Mini-Road Trip

Cheap may not immediately come to mind when road trips are concerned, but the concept here is that you are taking an adventure, more than a trip. Every metropolis is surrounded by suburbs and every suburb is surrounded by at least one little rinky-dink town that has something quirky about it worth traveling out of city limits for. If this is not the case, just pick a place within your area that neither you nor your date have been and preferably, neither of you would even think to go there under normal circumstances. Pick flowers for your date on the side of the road. Buy souvenir t-shirts from a grimy diner (maybe don’t eat the food if it’s too grimy). If it’s cheesy, it will provide opportunities to laugh and funny is fun.


Meal                                              $35

Souvenirs                                     $25

Travel                                            $20 (should be no more than 40 miles away)

Unexpected/Weird Fun                 $50

Total:                                             $130 or less


3. Photo Hunt

Much like the garden gnome traveling across the world, the idea here is to choose an inanimate object, well maybe something human-like, from someone else without them knowing. Go to a spot that is date friendly (not too loud, not too many children or families), with a lot of scenery and people. Gather as many photos with the item, with or without yourselves in the pictures. Print the pictures and look at them and laugh about it afterward, or on your next date perhaps but make an effort to return the item together, with some of the photos, to the owner of the object. This activity invokes spontaneity, and laughing as well as opportunities to feel out each other’s sense of humor and how well you play together.


Travel                                            $5 (Don’t go far; try city center, a popular fountain, a quirky spot)
Photos                                          $0.25 per print
Camera                                        If you don’t have a digital camera or a phone from this decade, get a disposable one for $7…and get a life.
Total:                                             $25 (hopefully) or less


4. Try a Recipe

If she cooks? Good, she can lead and feel good. If you cook? Good, you can lead and impress her. If neither of you cook, this will be an adventure and possibly really messy, which can be fun. If both of you cook, let her lead. Don’t be a kitchen-hog. Don’t be an anything-hog and play the student role. If she’s doing something wrong, make a gentle suggestion. Let this date be about creating an atmosphere. Preparing and eating a meal can be very intimate and may even be a turn-on for both of you. Women love a man who can cook, at least a man who is willing to cook. Guys, if the only woman you’ve seen cook is a mom, grandma, or aunt, then you need to experience this date. Watching a woman wrap up in an apron and get her hands dirty and be domestic at the same time, can be seriously sexy. If this date works well, it can be repeated with new recipes, which makes it reusable, but fresh. Eventually, she may even wear just the apron.


Food/Drinks                               $50

Utensils                                        Don’t choose a recipe that requires appliances you don’t have; be creative.

Total:                                             $50 or less


5. Grown-up Dinner & A Movie

No, not an x-rated theater. Never take a woman to a place where the contents on the chairs are questionable. This date requires a little dishonesty, but it is so worth it. It consists of soaking gummy bears in vodka (see recipe below) and taking them to a funny movie. The movie, however, has to be something you both want to see and the gummy bears as well as the flavor of vodka, have to be something you both like. There’s really no need to explain why this date can be exceptionally awesome. Also you can tone down the excitement and price if you rent the movie and enjoy at home, but being a little devious and drunk in an unexpected public venue, makes for a memorable time.


Gummy Bears                           $2 (two bags of the good ones)

Vodka                                       $15 (premium vodka is not necessary because you’re not drinking it)

Movie Tickets                            $25

Travel                                         $5

Total:                                           $50 or less

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