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Mr. Cynical Weighs in on April 2014

7 May

May 7, 2014

v stiviano

Sterling’s Racist Remarks

Donald Sterling was recently exposed by┬áVanessa Stiviano, his mistress, as a racist through several recordings she made of them arguing during their relationship.The tape recordings were allegedly leaked to TMZ because of a pending embezzlement claim made by the Sterling family (namely Shelley Sterling, his wife) against Stiviano, though she denies having released the tapes herself. Sterling can be heard saying that he does not want Stiviano to bring Black people to the games with her or post pictures of herself with them on social media. He goes on to say that Black people have an odor, and that his mistress can sleep with them, and talk to them, but that he does not want her to bring them around. If it was not said in the recording, one might think that Donald Sterling may be remiss on the fact that Vanessa Stiviano is Black and Latino. Sterling has received a lifetime ban from the National Basketball Association from new commissioner Adam Silver, he received a 2.5 million dollar fine, and was voted unanimously to have to relinquish ownership of his team by the other owners. Sterling is an idiot for expressing his true bigoted feelings about minorities to a woman whose background is made up of those minorities. Regardless of how she feels about him (if she did actually care at a point), it had to hurt her somewhat. And, he should have known that she had other motives besides love, because there is not enough love in the world to make a 31 year woman blind to the fact that she is staring at 81 year old balls every night. Had he done his research, he would have known that his are not the only old balls that Stiviano has juggled in her past. She has a history of pursuing wealthy, older gentlemen, and her list of “gifts” are extensive. If nothing else, Vanessa Stiviano was in the pursuit of fame and money which Sterling had in “spades” (Gotta love that racist humor). She was willing to pursue her own publicity at any cost. She constantly Instagram’ed pictures of herself with celebrities, she made sure that she was always courtside at every Clippers game before she screwed Sterling, and her best friend is Karrine “Superhead” Steffans. In the recorded argument between Stiviano and Donald Sterling, she was unnervingly calm, and her questions seemed to lead him into each racist remark. However, if he had no prior prejudiced beliefs about minorities, then he would not have said the terrible things that he said. Either way, she set Donald Sterling up, and because of her actions, candidates for ownership of the Clippers franchise may lowball him and get the team at a price well below its worth. It makes you wonder who else Stiviano is screwing.

2 Drunk 2 Care

Twenty year old Kayla Maria Mendoza drank while underage, got behind the wheel of her car, and killed two twenty-one year old women. Moments before getting in her car, she tweeted “2 drunk 2 care” in response to her boyfriend, but the parents of the girls are enraged and in despair over their loss. Because a heartbroken woman consumed alcohol before her 21st birthday, two women are no longer here to reach their next birthday. This incident brings to light 3 of the largest problems that face Americans today, underage drinking, drinking and driving, and social media. Underage drinking puts teenagers in direct contact with a product that magnifies their ability to make irrational decisions, like driving drunk. Mendoza faces a lifetime sentence because she consumed alcohol before she was able to handle it, and killed a pair of ladies when she drove down the wrong side of a freeway and met them in a head-on collision. But, her fate may be sealed because of her use of social media to proclaim her love of weed and alcohol. Whether she meant to be dismissive about her illegal activities or if she really was angry at her boyfriend, the public perception is that she was completely ambivalent to her responsibilities behind the wheel. And, social media has incriminated many underage children of many different things in the recent past. Two members of the Steubenville high school football teen was accused of raping a a young woman by their own pictures on social media. It will likely play a large part in the case against Mendoza.One of the deceased women’s mother said plainly that she never wants Mendoza to leave jail. She is obviously distraught over the premature death of her daughter. Kayla Mendoza apologized and pleaded with the parents for forgiveness. There really are no winners in this case. Marisa Caran Catronio and her best friend Kaitlyn Nicole Ferrante are no longer here because of one stupid decision by an underage drinker. Their lives are gone, and the lives of the parents of all three children are changed forever. And Mendoza, who is currently wheelchair bound, has to deal with taking two lives and face a possible lifetime in prison.

steve wiles

Surprise, A Hypocritical Right Winger

Steve Wiles, the Pro-Christian, Anti-Gay Republican candidate for the North Carolina Senate was also a former drag queen at a now defunct, gay-friendly bar called Club Odyssey. This may have been a shock to the entire population, but anyone who has been paying attention to conservative news over the last decade knew that Steve Wiles had to be gay. Any Republican who fights staunchly against a cause usually is engulfed in it. Larry Craig who voted against gay marriage was arrested for solicitation of sex from an male undercover police officer, Bob Allen voted against gay couple’s right to adopt, but solicited oral sex from a Black, male undercover cop (and Allen finished it by saying that he was scared and did not want to become a statistic), and Steve Wiles, a man who opposes gay marriage, is also the drag queen formerly know as “Miss Mona Sinclair.” Republicans can be real hypocrites.

Death Penalty Almost Doesn’t Work

Clayton Lockett received the death penalty for raping, shooting, and burying a woman alive, raping her friend, and then abducting a man and his son with two associates fifteen years ago. He earned a long, disturbing list of crimes including, but not limited to sodomy, first degree murder, kidnapping, and first degree rape with this brutal attack. And, on April 29th, 2014 he was executed because of his crimes. But, the way that he died made a lot of people uneasy. A new drug cocktail was administered to Lockett and he laid on a table writhing, groaning, and speaking for 43 minutes before he expired of a heart attack. Because of the “botched” execution, the President of the United States has weighed in on the subject and the execution of Charles Waller, a man who raped and killed an 11 month old child, has been postponed. The death penalty elicits mixed feelings in most people. On one hand, some crimes, like both of the aforementioned crimes, should be punished. On the other hand, one person who unfairly receives the death penalty is one too many, and rulings are being overturned everyday. Eye witness testimony can be mistake-ridden or manipulated, and DNA evidence has proven that numerous inmates were wrongly convicted. However, neither of these criminals were wrongly convicted and though Lockett’s conviction was not “humane”, it was effective. How much sympathy does a man who would sexually assault and shoot a woman deserve?


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