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How to Spend $30 Million in 3 Years: An Instructive Guide

2 Jun

In lieu of his recent departure from the Cleveland Browns, decided to run an old article about one of our favorite train wrecks, Vince Young. Originally posted on October 9, 2012.

Hey, I lost the money, alright?

Being a National Football League quarterback may seem like a dream job to most people. You get paid an exorbitant amount of money as an adult to play a game that you played for nothing in your youth. Some of the athletes use their money to care for their families and friends. Some players use their money to make more money with sound investments and expansion of their financial portfolio. And, some people, like Vince Young just use their money until it is gone. Young is the centerpiece of this comprehensive guide of how to lose $30M dollars in just three years.

1. The Man Loves Food

Vince Young allegedly spent $5,000 a week at the Cheesecake Factory. Families of four that reside in big cities can live off $100-$300 dollars per week. Think about that. Vince once spent $6,000 dollars at a TGI Friday’s which is almost impossible to do. And, there are multiple other stories of his spending in random food places.


2. Buying Drinks for the Ladies

Apparently, Vincent had a real affinity for the ladies. He is rumored to have bought bottles in the club for every woman that he thought was pretty. In Houston or Nashville you could go broke from that type of behavior alone.


3. Taking the Crew to Morton’s Steakhouse

Vince Young really took care of his crew. Going to any steakhouse can be expensive, but Morton’s prides itself on fine dining. Dinner for one person at the restaurant starts above the $60 plateau and Vince regularly ran with crews in excess of 20 people. He regularly bought shots for the crew including, but not limited to $600 shots of Louis XIII cognac. The 750 ml bottles range from $1,900-$8,000.


4. Buying the Plane

Vince was reported to have some serious emotional challenges. There were stories of depression and an alleged suicide attempt. He was said to have been bothered by fan response to his play on the field. Well, Vince Young once bought out all of the seats on a flight on Southwest Airlines, so that he could be by himself. Granted, Southwest Airlines is the cheapest flight around, but at $99 a pop, he had to have spent at least $20,000 just for privacy not counting the first class tickets that can reach $1,500. That is lot of money spent just for a day of reclusion.

5. Vince Young Steakhouse

A restaurant is difficult idea to bring to fruition for a talented, reputable chef who has spent most of his life engulfed in the culinary arts. Restaurants fail for a myriad of reasons. And, restaurants that are owned by celebrities fail at a much more significant rate than other business ventures. Eva Longoria, Steven Spielberg, Claudia Scheffer, Hulk Hogan, Britney Spears, and J-Lo have all failed at owning restaurants. Michael Jordan at the height of his fame could not keep his steakhouse open. Why would any celebrity open a restaurant?


6. Not Performing on the Field

Vincent Young has a positive winning percentage on the field, and he is often one of the best pure athletes playing football, but he can be woefully inaccurate at times and his leadership skills leave much to be desired. Tennessee let him go at the end of his contract and he has now been cut by two separate teams. Vince Young has spent all of his money, lost everything, and has no way of making more. It is very unfortunate.

Though it may be difficult to pull off, you too can spend $30,000,000 in just three years. Just commit to frivolous spending, make plenty of poor, unresearched investments, and fail to hone the craft that affords you to spend 30 million dollars.


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