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Genius, or Just Sad

9 Jul

July 9,2014

People find new ways to make life better for themselves and others everyday. But, some of these “life hacks” and marketing decisions could be deemed less than perfect for the average person. You choose. Are these ideas brilliant or just depressing?

The Popcorn Hoodie

popcorn hoodie


This is the exact point where filth, innovation, and laziness converge.

The Sunbathing Chair

sunbathing chair


Was her nonexistent purse stolen while she read her magazine or left in the hotel room.

The Random Costume in Public

costume - attention02costume - attention


Ummm….pretty creepy

White Poncho Night

red sox - kkkred sox - kkk02

Spending Time Together

cyclops-and-jean-greycouple gaming

These two have either found the perfect way to bond over something that they both love or they have found the perfect way to ignore each other while literally straddling one another.

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