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Debunking Sex Myths

4 Aug


1. 2 Condoms

Since condoms are 90% effective by themselves, people think that wearing two condoms at the same time will mean that they are 180% protected from procreating and disease. Well, that is both a mathematical and a logical fallacy. For all the Maury Povich television viewers, you can not be 1000% sure of anything. 100% is the limit. The highest percentage rate that a condom can possibly be is also 100%. When you see that something has a percentage rate that is higher than 100% that statistic is in comparison to another marker. And unfortunately, wearing two condoms at the same time does not make you less likely to have a child or a STD. It actually increases the possibility of the condom tearing which ultimately makes you more more susceptible to disease or miracle of life.

2. Shoe Size=Penis Size

Bigger men generally have bigger feet. And, larger men also usually have bigger penises. But, there is no correlation between big feet and big Richards. Whether a guy is going to have a large penis or not is a complete crapshoot depending solely on the genetics. This is where your inheritance really does matter. New research proves that there is a link between the difference in length between the pointing finger and middle finger and penis length. The greater the disparity in length the bigger the manhood.

3. Men Think About Sex Every 7 seconds

Men, especially in America, are completely obsessed with sex. The sexual undertone in most visually stimulating television and internet advertisements relay that fact. But, outdated information about the oversexualized brain of men was the basis of saying that guys think about sex every 7 seconds. Those numbers are grossly inaccurate. How could men function within societal norms if they were so preoccupied with procreating? Thinking about sex every seven seconds would mean that men think about sex over 7,000 times per day. Newer studies suggest that men only think about sex about 19 times per day. Comparatively, they think about food 18 times per day, and sleep 11 times per day. I guess all the basic drives get fair consideration in the male mind.

4. Pineapples

Pineapples have been alleged to make man gravy more palatable for their partners for at least 20 years. It has been rumored to make semen sweeter to the taste and take the funk (or at least the funky taste and smell) out of the junk (that is a colloquialism for penis, guys). God bless the people who collected and sampled the thousands of liters of jizz for this study. However, recent studies by urologists confirm that there is no food that makes semen taste better. The sodium content varies between men as does the sugar content which would create numerous different rancid flavors, but no food is found to improve the taste.


5. Sex Burns As Many Calories As Running

According to researchers from the University of Quebec in Canada, 30 minutes of sex is fairly similar to 30 minutes of jogging. And, the numbers bear that to be true. People can burn up to 120 calories during thirty minutes of vigorous sex. However, there are two huge problems with this study. First, the sample was self-reported from men and women who were between the ages of 18-35, a relatively small sample size when you consider all age groups who are sexually active. This particular group of people has a lot to prove in the bedroom(meaning the length of sex could have been exaggerated), often opting for feeble attempts at marathon sex instead enjoying simple engaged sexuality. Second, and most importantly, no one has sex for that long. The average sexual tryst last 5.4 minutes and only burns 21 calories.

6. Your Sex Life Dies After Marriage

People tend to think that sex leaves the relationship the moment a wedding ring hits a woman’s finger. There is a perception that married couples live a loveless, sexless existence as their lives inch closer to the grave. Well, married people report more frequent sex, more satisfaction with sex, and more varied sex. Married people have more access to sex because they have a regular partner. They know how to please that partner because they have built a sexual rapport over time with the same partner, and engage in more oral sex (which invariably helps the woman enjoy herself; up to 85% of women can only climax with clitoral stimulation). And, because married couples are comfortable with their significant other they are willing to experiment sexually. Married have better sex.

7. Only Men Have Wet Dreams

Because all women are virginal prudes, only men are believed to have sex dreams and the occasional wake-up puddle. As it turns out, women are just as slutty as guys when it comes to dreams. 40% of women have awakened to a puddle-inducing orgasm in their lifetime, and 30% have done it in the last year.


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