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Best Movie Cameos

28 Oct

Below is a video list of the best cameos by stars in good movies. Check it out.


Matt Damon – Sang a hard rock song about sleeping with another guy’s girlfriend while the guy was in the crowd before mouth-raping her and faux banging her on stage.


Justin Long – Zach and Miri Make A Porno – Appeared briefly in Zach and Miri Make A Porno as a porn star….a gay male porn star.


Will Ferrell – Wedding Crashers – Chaz (Ferrell) is 40, still lives with his mom, and is a certified chick magnet. He knows all the secrets of sealing the deal with the ladies and he passes them along to anyone willing to listen.


Tom Cruise – Tropic Thunder – Tom Cruise plays a cocky, balding agent in Tropic Thunder and steals the show with his loud cursing, his indignant attitude, and his hip hop moves at the end of the movie.


Kareem Abdul Jabbar – Game of Death – Bruce Lee is on his way to a sweet revenge when he runs into a mad, 7’2″ Kareem in the last room before his final showdown.


Vince Vaughn/Tim Burton/Ben Stiller – Anchorman – Anchorman has it all including a death match involving Will Ferrell and these three guys with their news crews.


Ben Stiller – Dodgeball – Ben Stiller made a cameo in Dodgeball though he starred in the movie. He made a short video as a fat version of his character singing and “dancing” to a popular Kelis song.


Lou Ferrigno – I Love You, Man – The Incredible Hulk had to put a squeeze on an overzealous fan.


Bob Barker – Happy Gilmore – Do not mess with Bob Barker. He will destroy you.


Bill Murray – Zombieland – Bill Murray is one of the coolest guys in Hollywood. His dry wit in a short spot in Zombieland will show you why.


Mike Tyson – The Hangover – Probably the most unexpected cameo and the best on the list. Tyson went from singing Phil Collins out of key to punching one of the groomsmen in seconds.


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