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Three Reasons Why I Love Women

22 Oct

They’re soft

Emotionally speaking, women exude the perfect amount of softness in character to balance how tough men are forced to be by society.  Who else will support us when our ego is severely bruised through getting passed over for the promotion we’ve been working on for months?  Is there a single man who will cook another man soup and nurture him if he gets sick?  I’m confident there’s a reason that mothers know exactly why their baby is crying and how to make them stop.  Yes men can dress a wound suffered from a toddler falling off a bike, but nothing compares to the softness and care that comes from a woman kissing the “boo boo” and making it all better.  I will never forget how a wonderful woman wrote me words of encouragement on a handcrafted sun when I admitted to being completely stressed out over work and school.  Women are wonderful.  Physically speaking, there is nothing softer in the world than a woman’s touch.  The slightest hand to the shoulder or grab of the arm can melt even the sternest man’s heart.  Their hands, hair, and skin are softer than velvet, and of course they smell like lilac blooms.  Somehow their heads fit perfectly onto our shoulders, and their hands exactly into our hands.  No matter what the temperature is outside, the passionate hug from a woman is incredibly warm 100% of the time.  Like the Iliad’s Helen of Troy, the smile of a woman we love renders men completely powerless.  Women are so soft and wonderful.



They’re hard

Men are tough through training and being stubborn; women are tough through nature.  Childbirth pretty much trumps anything that any man can argue about being the sturdier gender.  Aside from child birth, the notion of being perpetually sleep deprived to comfort a growing infant is incredibly resilient.  Furthermore, as gender roles have started to blur in the last 20 years, women are being expected to not only work the same full time jobs as men, but they are also expected to act as homemakers.  The level of difficulty to achieve this feat is even harder than it seems because women are routinely disrespected on the job, underpaid for the same position as a male, thrust into male dominated positions.  Show me a man that can handle all of those tasks effectively.  The incredibly disparity of single parent households in the African American community compared to other races is definitely well documented and studied.  The overwhelming majority of these cases involve the woman as the sole provider in the family.  Essentially women are doing much of the heavy lifting in the African American population … that’s pretty tough in my opinion.  Loyalty is another amazingly tough trait that women carry in spades.  They will stick by a deserving man through the roughest of trials, and partner with him to get the job done.  Not to glorify their exploits, but Bonnie and Clyde were a pretty effective team.  Clyde chose Bonnie not because she was beautiful, but because she was tough.



They make us better

Whether one believes that men are the dominant gender or not, only a fool wouldn’t believe that women make men better.  It’s been long established that men should be curt, completely stoic, and devoid of any emotion.  This obviously isn’t healthy at all.  Women help men become much more introspective and well rounded.  Some may say this is becoming domesticated, or soft, or selling out, or reasons to lose the man card.  It’s actually called growing up.  There’s a reason that the bible says in the book of Proverbs that “he who finds a wife finds a good thing.”  Ever hear a married guy call his wife “my better half”?  Makes perfect sense because a special woman makes a guy desire to be a better man.  Not only do we want to be better for ourselves, but we then develop a greater sense of purpose.  Once we start a family, a man’s true maturity is exemplified.  Honing the craft of being a being a doting husband and father is something men are programmed to do.  We crave the chance to play the role of provider.  This opportunity is only possible with the help of women.  Women help men reach their true potential.  Many guys house chauvinistic opinions and ideals, but a real man knows that women simply make men better.


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