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Women Men Hate But Would Still Sleep With 2014

17 Oct

Honorable Mention:

Mayim Bialik – Mayim Bialik is an actress who has a doctorate in neuroscience and breastfed her son until he was 4 years old. No one wants a woman who is that much smarter than him and eeewww on the breastfeeding thing. However, any man who grew up in the 1990′s had a little crush on Blossom. Bialik was the quirky, cute kid from her own TV show, and what guy could turn down a chance to say that they banged Blossom.

Sarah Jessica Parker – She is getting old, she is not conventionally pretty, and Sex and the City is a representation of all that is wrong with women (neuroticism, shoes, and shallowness). But, Carrie Bradshaw still has a sexy style and though most men hate her, they would still sleep with her.

Justin Bieber – She’s pretty hot.


The List

Lady Gaga – Gaga is completely mentally unstable, and honestly just weird. But, she also has weird sexual vibe and would probably turn your sexual world upside down.

lady gaga05

Jennifer Lopez – J-Lo just turned 45 which is a strike against her by itself. Add to that the fact that she is a bit of an ego-maniacal bitch and she can not keep a man in her life. Men do not like Jennifer Lopez. However, she looks like this….

hot - jennifer lopez09

J Woww – Every person who has ever appeared on Jersey Shore is in the running for most annoying person to ever live, and J Woww is no exception. The only difference between her and Snooki is that even though no one likes either of them, guys would still screw J Woww.

hot - j woww02

Taylor Swift – Taylor Swift moved quickly from being America’s sweetheart to a man-hating, pop country singer. There may be no worse combination of words for a real man than “man-hating” and “pop country”. Swift is still tall, blonde and sultry though, even if half of her songs are about some terrible ex.

hot - taylor swift02

Amber Rose – What does she do? The only reason that anybody knows her name is because Kanye West dated her. Under normal circumstances that would be enough for men to disavow a woman, but she even makes a buzz cut look good.

hot - amber rose02

Khloe Kardshian – What does she do? Khloe’s claim to fame is having a beautiful sister who has a boring sextape, and having a huge, shapely butt.

hot - khloe kardashian

Sarah Hyland – Sarah Hyland plays the annoying bratty older sister on the Modern Family.

Sarah Hyland at American Music Awards

Miley Cyrus – Television and media has been completely saturated with Miley Cyrus since she was a cutesy preteen starring in her own show. She was annoying then as the overly Christian symbol of purity, but her new persona is just ridiculous. Her new persona does come with twerking and an overt sexuality that could be interesting.

hot - miley cyrus

Lana del Rey – Lana del Rey has no discernible talent in music, but she looks really nice on stage. If only she came with a mute button in real life.

hot - lana del rey03

Emma Watson – Emma Watson was fairly annoying as the know-it-all Muggle witch in the Harry Potter series, and she has grown into a real-life know-it-all feminist….a hot know it all Ivy-League feminist.

Emma Watson - Metropolitan's Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala Benefit for the opening of the new exhibit 'American Woman: Fashioning A National Identity, New York City, 05/03/2010

….more women men hate

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