You May Be Old if …

  • You use the word “swag,” and you are not a rapper


  • You use Urban Dictionary to decipher slang words you hear


  • You have a Facebook account just to spy on your kids



  • Other adults call you sir or ma’am


  • These words mean something to you: NASA, trickledown economics, Alf


  • You know why Zsa Zsa Gabor is famous


  • Your muscles get sore


  • You still wear articles of clothing that are more than 10 years old


  • You’ve been to reunions

Who is she, and why is she famous???


  • You don’t get ID’d at the bar anymore


  • Styles and fads you fashioned as a youth are trendy again


  • You remember when these people were just talented, not eccentric: the Olsen twins, Michael Jackson, R. Kelly


  • You know how to use a typewriter


  • Your car is older than your children


  • You have a mortgage


Every style eventually comes back … even “mom jeans”


  • You have children … AND you weren’t in high school when you had them


  • You want to get married to your current lover, and it’s not just because they’re hot


  • You’ve mentioned the words 401k or IRA


  • You know what channel CNN is


  • You’ve uttered the phrase, “It’s getting late…”

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