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Most Offensive Video Games Ever

11 Nov

1. Ethnic Cleansing: The Game

This game has the “honor” of being named the #1 most racist game of all time. The theme of Ethnic Cleansing is to keep the White race pure by killing Black and Latino people. Who could have guessed that ignorant racists were actually smart enough to make a video game?


2. Chiller

Chiller may be the goriest game ever made. The purpose of the game is to kill as many helpless humans as possible within an allotted time period.


3. Shooter: North American Tour 2012

This game is believed to instigate violence. It is a first-person shooter where a deranged student kills teachers, other students, and anyone that gets in the way.


4. JFK Reloaded

The picture says it all.


5. Super Columbine Massacre RPG

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold are two people that should not be celebrated. They are the infamous shooters of the Columbine Massacre that occurred in 1999 in Colorado. In this game, players reenact the shootings that took place in the high school, moving from classroom to cafeteria shooting students and faculty members.


6. Rapelay

This video game is literally about stalking 3 women and raping them. Games should not be practice for all the degenerate, misogynists that are hidden in the world.


7. Battle Raper

The entire point of this game is to beat the clothes off your voluptuous enemy so that you can rape them.


8. Custer’s Revenge

This game is either taking a shot at the most famous General of the Confederacy, or it is just an excuse to make another rape game, but either way it should not have made. Custer dodges arrows so that he can rape an Indian tied to a cactus.


9. V-Tech Rampage

After Virginia Tech student went on a rampage, someone decided that the whole act should be reenacted by college kids everywhere through video games.


10. Manhunt 2

Manhunt 2 was so violent and gory that, initially, it could not be sold in stores. The ESRB and the BBFC deemed it unfit for sell to minors, so until 2008 it was only available to be ordered. The game features killing your enemies with knives, iron rods, and chain saws.

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