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Difference Between Sexy for the Sexes

20 Mar

Men and women are different. What people find attractive varies inter-personally, but there are stark contrasts between what men find hot and what women deem sexy. The common person probably would say that the reason for this disparity lies within the way that the two sexes think. Men are perceived to be logic driven. Women are thought to be led by their emotions. In actuality, both are driven by forces that ultimately lead to the opposite sex. And, the end result is two very different ideas of what is sexy.

Men are visually stimulated. They have been socially and somewhat innately driven to hunt for suitable mates, so the criteria that they use to choose women are based on physical cues. Males utilize various evolutionary signs of physical health, like the tautness of a woman’s skin, her weight, and her body shape to choose an appropriate partner. Tight, smooth skin suggests both youth and sexual virility in a woman. It is a clear indication of genetic superiority in both men and women, therefore clear skin is one if the first focal points of a man who is actively dating. Men also focus in on a woman’s body weight, but not in the expected way. Contrary to popular culture and fashion, men in studies bypassed the slimmer women and chose women that were slightly fuller in figure if they were not overweight. From a biological viewpoint, a slightly higher body fat index indicates healthiness in humans and a higher probability that a woman will be able to carry a child to term because mothers require a certain amount of body fat for the proper development of a baby. This is one reason why medical professionals believe many woman gain weight during pregnancy. The final decisive factor for men in choosing a mate specifically relates to a woman’s anatomy. When surveyed on questionnaire, what men found attractive in women varied from eyes, to breasts, to rear ends. However, in cases studies, when men were shown pictures of women and asked which were more attractive, the answers quickly moved toward a common point. Men often choose several, different indicators for a prospective mate, and all of them are based in physical features.

This is sexy to men. The outfit is tight and revealing, though not necessarily accessorized.

Women are emotionally driven, therefore their cues bifurcate significantly from those of men. Though, women do look for some physical cues, most of their indicators display a man’s ability to provide. Women identify a partner’s genetic health by assessing his facial features. Facial symmetry is the only significant physical trait that ladies identified across various case studies, though they also tend view males with baby-like features more attractive. Each half of a face mirroring the other half of the face shows that there are no obvious genetic anomalies in an prospective mate, and the youthful features of baby-faced males are biological symbols of health and virility. Genetic health is important to women, however the more readily utilized signals of a possible match are polish and financial stability. Men are judged by women on finer points like how they dress and how wealthy they appear, as are other women. Mates are judged by their perceived ability to provide both financial and actual security. Women observe men’s shoes, clothes, and grooming to assess the level of his success and thus his ability to provide for a mate.

This is what sexy is to women. Here she has a completely polished, finished look. She is fully accessorized and feminine.

Ultimately, biology and the need to procreate are the driving forces behind attraction between the sexes. Men are driven by the need to produce healthy offspring, so they choose mates almost exclusively on physical traits. Women have to be more selective in choosing a mate, so their indicators range from physical to more in-depth signs. They notice the finer, more subtle indicators of a preferable partner. The difference between sexy in men and women lies in their needs and wants for having and providing for healthy children.

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