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Poor Parenting

5 Mar

poor parenting

Some people should not have children. These people should not be able to procreate because of the types of choices that they regularly make. We as a society, should have these people spayed, neutered, or castrated to ensure that they can not put more children on the Earth to harass our children or for the government to raise with taxpayer funding.

Do not mistake this for an attack on children. Kids are great. They are imaginative, joyous, and innocent from their birth. But, they can be corrupted. Children are loaded handguns. In the right hands, a firearm can protect you from criminals or provide food for your family. In the wrong hands, they can rob, maim, or kill. Like weapons, children are dependent on the sanity, availability, and consistency of their handlers. Raised in a loving environment, children become upstanding members of the community. Raised by transient, un-involved parents, they become the people who use those guns to harm others.

poor parenting04

Kids as a whole need nurturing and direction, and fewer of them are finding both at home. Less than 40% of children are raised by both of their biological parents, 10% of children are not being raised by either of their biological parents, and almost 50% of children are being raised by only one of their biological parents. Children are not being taken care of by the people that conceived them. Surely, grandparents and uncles can raise upstanding, law-abiding citizens, but can Aunt Sally show her niece a mother’s love? This generation of kids are missing the intimate connections with their parents that most adults now take for granted. Children are missing the type of care that only a mother can give and the wisdom that only a father knows. They are missing in-home role models and losing their guides through their years of maturation. Nanna or Big Momma rarely leave their chair once they have reached a certain age. They do not have the energy or patience to play with their grandchildren daily. Consequently, they can not parent a child the way that a child needs to be parented. If a single mom is raising the children on their own, she doesn’t have the time to check homework or just give the children the attention that they need after a long day of work; she has to cook for the family and tend to the daily necessities. Once again, the children suffer for their parents lack of availability. Kids need both of their parents on the most basic level.

poor parenting05

Grandma is not chasing “Lil’ Tyler”.

Children also need stable parents. Having undisciplined, unavailable parents is often worse than having no parents at all. Occasionally, a child with little supervision, less structure, and no direction flourishes despite having little guidance and poor living conditions. They learn to take care of the household, raise their siblings, and sometimes even parent their parents into better lives. More often than not though, the child becomes negative attention seeking and a distractive force in whatever environment it is placed. These types are children are exposed to too much, too soon. There are random, inappropriate outbursts. Little Tyler should not know more “four-letter words“ than you do. It is not cute to hear a baby swearing, it is sad. A pre-school age child should not know racial slurs or be exposed to adult situations or language. Parents need to be parents. There is a distinct difference between preparing your child for the real world and stealing their innocence. The greatest gift that a child has is their ignorance of the real world. Allow them to have that gift for as long as possible. Children in homes with parents that abuse drugs are significantly, more likely to abuse them too. Children in abusive homes are far more likely to be abusive. Kids will find someone to imitate, regardless of the nature of the person. Then, the cycle is often repeated because the child fails to find a suitable replacement role model for the parent(s) that failed them.

Children are beautiful creatures that are made in the image of their parents. They are pure and uncorrupted until their sweet minds are spoiled by bad experiences or poor parenting. Life happens. With children, it happens quickly and unexpectedly. In both the conception of them, whether accidental or planned, and in the memories taken from living it, good or bad, life is full of surprises. Children will lose their innocence at some point in their lives simply through living, but bad parenting ensures that their lives will be more difficult and that the lives that intertwine with their lives will be unmanageable. So, be a parent to your children and help them to be the best person that they can be.

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