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Ask a Black Guy: Why don’t black guys play sports the right way?

9 Apr

For years people have criticized the way black men play sports.  They say black players don’t have fundamentals, can’t shoot, are unable to play quarterback, have no plate discipline, and worst of all are selfish.  For the uninformed, here’s why black men play sports differently than their counterparts.



The easiest reason to explain why black men play football differently than white guys is growing up there were never enough players to make two teams.  Not only that, everyone wanted to be either a quarterback, receiver, or running back.  To alleviate this problem, countless youth play the game called Highball.  The way this game worked is that someone would start with the football, throw it straight up in the air as high as they could, and everyone would jump to try and catch it.  Once the ball is caught, the receiver has to try to outmaneuver all the other people playing and run for a touchdown.  If the player somehow outruns and/or jukes everyone for a score, he has to turn around and try and score a touchdown on the other end of the field.  If at any point the player is tackled he has to throw the ball in the air, and the game proceeds from there.



If one thinks about this, it explains a lot of black men behavior on a football field:

  • You have to be faster than everyone to score
  • If one isn’t faster than everyone, they have to have incredible lateral quickness and juke moves to get past all the other players
  • Black players often don’t follow their blockers because they’re used to having to get past the other team all by themselves
  • There never really was a quarterback, so proper throwing skills were never practiced
  • If one always had to get past a huge group of people in one “play” just to score, of course they will think that they can take it to the house every play once they play organized football

Highball is why black football players are the way they are.



Why do so many black men lack basketball fundamentals?  Then answer is simply 21.  Finding 10 guys available (or a court that could accommodate that many guys) is not possible where many of these guys grew up.  Well if one has a basketball and a few guys the best game to play is 21.  Playing this game is a great alternative to a full court game, but it can cause some long term problems.  For example, since it’s every man for himself, it automatically ingrains selfishness into players.  People never become accustomed to being a willing passer or trying to make their teammates better because they never got that opportunity.  Furthermore, since there is no one to rebound if a long jumper is missed, it gives little incentive to shooting jump shots.  Players won’t practice shots that have such little upside in 21.  If one doesn’t shoot jumpers they have to drive to the hole past 3 or 4 guys consistently in order to score.  Ever wonder why we frequently see Nate Robinson do things like this???  It’s because he did it all his life to be able to score in 21.  Another problems 21 causes for black men is it doesn’t teach good defensive techniques.  Since nearly every play is 1 on 4, it’s easy to play lackadaisical defense and still get an easy stop.  There’s little need to good positioning, sliding the feet, or using positioning because if the attacker gets past, he still has to drive past 3 other guys.  21 doesn’t foster skills coaches desire in their players.

21 is why black basketball players are the way they are.




Ever wonder why black baseball players have little plate discipline?  Well, it goes all the way back to childhood.  It is extremely rare to find a baseball field or over a dozen guys ready to play a baseball game in the ghetto.  Six or so guys would get together for a game, but the rules would have to be altered to make the game work.  The defense would take their position on the field, but there would almost never be a catcher.  Why?  Because that’s the worst and most boring defensive position to play if you’re a kid, and secondly there were few plays at the plate since there were so few players.  If there’s no catcher, it requires the batter to fetch the ball after every pitch and throw it back to the pitcher if they don’t swing.  That gets old VERY quickly.  To alleviate that problem kids would swing at every pitch just to put the ball in play and avoid being a batter plus de facto catcher.  Black baseball players are also generally very fast because they had to play multiple positions since there would almost never be 9 defensive players at one time.  Playing centerfield and right field will definitely help a guy get some serious wheels.  Lastly, being a pitcher wasn’t much fun because guys swing at every pitch even remotely close.  There was no point to work on painting corners, locating pitches, or paying attention to guy’s tendencies.  Ever wonder why there are so few black pitchers?

Not having a catcher is why black baseball players are the way they are.


Who knew this guy was so important???

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