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Best Movie Sequels

6 Apr

10. Kill Bill 2 – Kill Bill is a two-part thriller that follows the story of an assassin trying desperately to leave her former life. Kill Bill 2 succeeded its predecessor by giving the completed story of “the Bride” (the aforementioned assassin) and meticulously showing how she came to her current mission of trying to kill her former boss, Bill.

9. Rocky 2 – In Rocky 2, Rocky Balboa has found fame after battling Apollo Creed to a draw in their first boxing match. But, his fame soon fades as he leaves boxing and attempts to live a normal life with his pregnant wife. Apollo Creed, the heavyweight champion is embarrassed by his performance against the newcomer to the ring and wants to prove himself against Rocky. Misfortune ultimately forces him back into the ring again to face an imposing Apollo Creed.

8. Spiderman 2 – Watching the steady decline and demise of the friendship of Peter Parker and Harry Osborne was worth watching by itself. Spidey fans got to see the degeneration of their relationship and the devolving of the psyche of Osborne into the Hobgoblin. Plus, Doc. Octopus was a great villain all by himself.

7. The Lord of the Rings: The Twin Towers – The Twin Towers shows Frodo’s descent into darkness. No matter how innocent the person, or hobbit as the case may be, the ring of power corrupts them and slowly pulls them into evil. The Twin Towers successfully introduced Gollum as an integral part of the story and set all members of the fellowship of the ring on their separate missions.

6. Hannibal – Ten years after Dr. Hannibal Lecter escaped from his federal imprisonment in the insane asylum, he resurfaces in Buenos Aires. Clarice Starling, the special agent that caught the infamous serial killer, Buffalo Bill, is now floundering at the agency. As Starling gets closer to Lecter, she realizes that he is being stalked by Detective Pazzi, a local policeman, at the service one of Lecter’s former victims. All ten parties converge and meet in the end.

5. Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back – It was darker than its predecessor and gave its characters more depth. Episode V shows Luke Skywalker in Jedi training and his friends being chased around the galaxy by Darth Vader. Luke is forced to decide between finishing his training and saving his friends after they are captured. Episode V shows the evolution of Luke and also left enough conflicts unresolved for the upcoming Episode VI.

4. The Dark Knight – Batman has kept the criminal element of Gotham City in fear for almost a year now. The crime rate is almost nonexistent there until a new thug arises, the Joker. He is the new breed of criminal who is unconcerned with the money that motivates the others, and he and Batman are inevitably put into direct conflict.

3. Aliens – Aliens took the preceding film, Alien, a tense thriller about being trapped in a spaceship with hostile natives, into an all-out action movie about attempting to stop a full-on colonization of human territory by the aliens.

2. Terminator 2 – Only John Conner can save the world from its bleak future. One attempt to kill him as a baby failed when the original model of the Terminator was sent into the past to “terminate” him. Terminator 2 takes place about 14 years later when John is in his early adolescence. The new, upgraded version of the Terminators is sent to kill him so that he can’t save the world in the future. However, Connor has a trump card. He reprograms the original version of the machine and sends it to his mother to protect both of them from the T2 machine.

1. The Godfather II – The second story of the Godfather juxtaposes the inception of the Corleone family’s rise to power through Vito Corleone with the rise of Michael Corleone, his youngest son. The cunning and intellect of Michael mirrors that of his father. Jealousy broods as Michael surpasses his older brothers to head the family in place of his ailing, injured father. The artistry of Godfather II matches its great plot. The movie has all the elements of the human condition laughter, sadness, anger, and envy. It is the best sequel ever made.


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