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5 Things You Should Never Cheap Out On

26 Jun

1. Dentists – The amount of pain that you endure at your dentist’s office is directly proportional to the amount of time, energy, and money that you put into finding a good dentist. Bad dentists pull any tooth that has any problem cavities. Good ones attempt to save the teeth when possible. Bad dentists have prehistoric tools and push and pull to remove teeth with too little or generally ineffective anesthesia. Good dentists use technology to their advantage and ultimately care only about your comfort. The health of your mouth is at stake, so spend the appropriate amount of money.


2. Hookers – There is really never a good reason to pay someone to have sex with you, but if you have to have sex and no one will willingly play “hide the banana”, with you, then hookers may be your only option. This is not the time to cheap out. You know what you are getting when you ask that toothless prostitute to have sex with you? AIDS. That $10 “blowie” is a lifetime investment.

3. Boob Jobs – Have you ever seen the women with cleavage that resembles two cantaloupes nailed against a board? Those women are the recipients of $2,000 boob jobs. Before they reach the third year with those sweater puppies, they will have to go under the knife with a different surgeon to repair the damage that was done by their first “surgeon”. The largest area of plastic surgery now is restorative surgery from bad implants. The surgeries to fix bad implants start at about $6,000, so why not spend that $6,000 in the beginning?


4. Toupee/Hair Transplant Surgery – You do not want to be the guy that has pubic hair on his forehead. Men’s haircare is yet another frontier where the dollars that are put into it are easily recognizable. The men who spend money on good hair products like Rogaine and expensive hair transplant surgeries blend into the general population seamlessly. The ones who cheap out look like Donald Trump.


5. Tattoos – Rather than bore you with the permanence of tattoo, I’ll just show you a few bad decisions.

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