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Best Cars in Entertainment History

3 Jul

The Cadillac from Dallas – That Caddie was a symbol of the wealth and excess of the city of Dallas in the early eighties. It gave imagery to the ego of the city.

Knight Rider – Kitt was a hell of a car. It had artificial intelligence, a weapons system, and could drive itself. Though David Hasselhoff was the main character of Knight Rider, Kitt was the star.

Batmobile – The Batmobile stands as one of the most famous cars that was ever created.

The General Lee – Maybe a little bit racist having the confederate flag painted onto a car. The confederate flag is a symbol of oppression in the South, but the General Lee wasn’t racist. It was awesome.

Miami Vice Ferrari – The 80′s were full of terrible fashion trends and bad hair, but they were also filled with two of the coolest cops to hit the beach. The took rolled up sleeves and pastel colors to the next level with turned up collars in their custom Ferrari.

A-Team Van – I pity the fool who does not know the A-Team.

The Delorean from Back to the Future – The Delorean was an old beat up car with a miraculous scientific purpose, to travel across the space-time continuum.

Herbie the Love Bug – The Love Bug was adorable and had a mind of its own. Herbie took over when situations got dire.

Pussy Wagon – This vehicle of sexism and female oppression became a stout symbol for feminism once Beatrix Kiddo beat her assailants and went on a killing spree to get revenge from her former employer.

Optimus Prime – The 80′s version of Optimus Prime was so good that they revamped the show in the 2000′s.

Breaking Bad Winnebago – A chemistry teacher becomes a drug dealer. Another drug dealer becomes an assistant. They both become drug lords. And it all starts in a Winnebago.

The Mystery Machine – Scooby Doo and his friends solved a lot of mysteries in this van. And, Scooby always seemed to be much more calm after he had a Scooby snack, which leads me to wonder what was in those “groovy” treats?

Ghostbuster Hearse – Who ya’ gonna’ call?

Honorable Mention


No Limit Tank


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