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Cocaine, It Does a Body Good

27 Jul

Legalizing marijuana is such a 90′s topic. Americans should step into the new millennium with a new focus. We should legalize cocaine. Yes, cocaine is wildly addictive and terrible for your health, but so is everything that is really fun like the macarena and cigarettes. People do not stay up late, stealing and pawning other people’s belongings to get into all-night bingo games. But, any addict will do all those things and more to score a little coke. Once you get past the moral ramifications, the probable fall of American society, and the chance for exploitation, the legalization of cocaine makes perfect sense.

The place where people draw the line of morality is often blurry and slightly idiotic. For instance, cigarettes are perfectly legal for the American public, though they have no medicinal use, are moderately addictive, and promise you an earlier and a more painful death. If you smoke cigarettes regularly, you will develop cancer of the mouth, nose, throat, lungs, and/or stomach at some point. The carton that holds them acknowledges this fact and informs consumers of the ramifications of smoking them, yet they are still sold in almost any convenience store, gas station, or grocery store. Conversely, cocaine dulls pain through its vasoconstrictive properties, and provides a sense of euphoria by stimulating dopamine production. It is a stimulant and actually provides some potential medical uses such as local anesthetic. It was regularly used in the seventies and is still used in some nasal, throat, and lung surgeries because it prevents swelling. The adverse effects of cocaine come through chronic use and misuse of the drug.

Cocaine can be highly addictive because of its ability to produce euphoria, and thus is prone to misuse. It blocks dopamine in the brain which causes it to be more readily produced and causes a spike in the hormone. This is the only real problem with the legalization of the drug. Because of its effect on the central nervous system over usage could cause real health issues with the general public. Opium vanquished Imperial China and almost destroyed any chance at China’s survival. But China did survive, and cocaine could be different with the vast knowledge that modern doctors have of its effects and through strict governmental regimentation of it. China allowed the consumption of the poppy plant without knowing the full effect of it. The effects of cocaine are widely known throughout the world today. Therefore, it could be utilized if it was kept under control.

The legalization of cocaine would allow government to cultivate, supply, and regulate the drug. Instead of wasting government money on fruitless drug bust attempts and continuously trying to suppress drug culture, the government could embrace the culture while putting strict regulations on dealers. They could tax cocaine with the same fervor that they tax any other recreational product, force the dealers to get licensing bringing in more revenue, and force the dealers to buy the product that they grow. In essence, the government could make money in all three stages of economics with one product. The regimentation should include limits on how much cocaine use one individual could attain and forced check ups for patients with heart problems or problems with their central nervous system. That covers any liability for the government with health issues and puts more money into the healthcare system. Cocaine could be the best thing that happened to the economy.

Cocaine should be legalized. It has medicinal uses, it provides people with a much needed boost and stamina, and it could bolster the economy. With a little forethought, inventive thinking, and pliability with convention, the legalization of cocaine could save the American government. It can be standardized and regulated. And, it should be.

“Cocaine is a hell of a drug.” Where would these celebrities be without the use of cocaine. (And yes, Rick James may not be still alive, but would his music have been as raw and edgy?)

Rick James


Darryl Strawberry

Doc Gooden

Tim Raines

Josh Hamilton

Ron Washington

Marion Berry

Ken Caminiti

Whitney Houston

Robert Downey Jr.

Stephen King

Robin Williams

James Brown

Tim Allen

Kate Moss

Amy Winehouse

Lawrence Taylor



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