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Things Women Do That Perplex Their Man

9 Jul

1. Leave Their Underwear in the Bathroom – Anyone over the age of 13 knows that women have periods once a month. It is a fact of life, and it is also one of the reasons that life continues to exist. But, why do women feel the need to remind their significant others that they have a period every month by hanging blood-stained panties on the shower curtain, in the bathroom sink, or on the towel rack? Men get plenty of reminders that women have a monthly visitor like the requisite mood swings, weight gain and bloating, and the mysterious disappearance of all of the chocolate in the house. There is no need for the bloody reminders too.

2. Talk About Their Feelings – Talking about your feelings is necessary for good mental health. And, since women are great at talking about their feelings, it seems logical that they would share their feelings with other women who have the need to connect emotionally. However, women desire to connect more closely with their partner than with any other person, so the men in their lives have to succumb to extra talking about their feelings (or more accurately, listening to their wives’ feelings).

3. Complain – Therapists and physicians say that there are some therapeutic values to venting frustrations about the stresses of daily life. However, venting quickly transforms into complaining with women. There is no point in complaining ladies. After all the talk about the trivial nonsense that happened during the day, the same problem still exists. When a problem arises, the best course of action is to solve it. Complaints are useless behaviors. Rather than sitting behind the guy that is driving 15 mph on the freeway for ten minutes and cursing and complaining about him, just steer around him.

4. Gossip – People’s reputations are one of the sole things that they truly own in life. Why would you want to sully that with idle chatter?

5. Have Guy Friends – While we are on the subject of talking about feelings, it is strange that women talk about their feelings with guys. If you are happily married, then you should talk to your husband about some things. But, some single women actually think that single guys are their friends. Ladies, men are not your friends. If a guy approaches you, he is trying to get in your paints. And, even if he serves as a friend to you, under the right circumstances, he will sleep with you.

woman crying

6. Cry – In the world of men there are three solid reasons to cry, someone died, you broke your leg and the bone is sticking out of your skin, or your penis doesn’t work anymore. Nothing else suffices as a valid reason to loose the waterworks. Men are taught to stuff all that emotion deep down inside until it spills out angrily at some innocent bystander or until it causes a heart attack. Women, however, cry for any number of reasons including loss, frustration, joy, and just needing a good cry. Men will never understand crying.

7. Worry – Everyone worries. Both men and women occasionally stress about things that they can not change in their lives, however the way that the opposite sexes handle obstacles starkly contrast each other. Men tend to figure out the problems that they have on their own, attempting not to involve anyone else in the turmoil that they are experiencing. Women tend to cause a big fuss about what is worrying them until everyone close is panicked, and then deescalate once the anxiety level of the room has peaked.

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  1. Anonymous December 2, 2012 at 5:56 PM #

    Now, when it comes to talking about feelings, the culprit is the Corpus Callosum, the part of the brain which connects the left and right brain hemisphere. Let’s not go into the scientific stuff here – but the gist is that this part of the brain is larger in women than men. The result is that women can think and feel at the same time – while men naturally separate their feelings from what they are thinking. This creates their reluctance to talk about all that mushy stuff that women love to hash out.

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