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Top Reasons for Men to Watch Women’s Tennis

5 Aug

Reason 1: Russian Stars

The Russian movement in tennis started with Anna Kournikova. She was young and talented. But most of all, she was eyeball-scorching hot. For some reason though, Kournikova never won the big game despite being more talented than her contemporaries. That did not stop her from going on to become a global icon and an ambassador for the sport. Anna Kournikova brought a legion of male fans to her sport with a beautiful smile, a gorgeous body, and a sweet serve. She also paved the way for countless other hot Eastern European stars like Ana Ivanokic, Caroline Wozniacki, Maria Kirilenko, Dominika Cibulkova, Sorana Cirstea, and Julia Goerges.


Reason 2: The Williams Sisters

The Williams sisters are tennis royalty, and they have been the only reason for tennis purists to watch tennis over the last decade. Their back story is remarkable. They grew up in the heart of Los Angeles where  there were no tennis courts for them to practice their sport. Their father took them to courts all over the city to hone their skills, picking up lessons where they could. The Williams sisters rose through the tennis ranks to become the definitive #1 and #2 players in the world, switching positions in the polls depending on who won when they went head to head. Their dominance in the world of sports has opened doors for them in the world of fashion and in pop culture that would have been closed had they not been so transcending. And, their success in tennis and other forums have made them role models for the younger generation of female athletes. The Williams sisters by themselves are enough reason to watch tennis fanatically.


Reason 3: The Technicalities

Watching Men’s tennis generally becomes a battle of brawn unless Roger Federer is competing. The best male tennis players like Raphael Nadal, Andy Roddick, and even Federer all have powerful serves that dictate how their matches will be played. However, the beauty of tennis is not in the power of the serve and the number of aces accumulated. The real draw of the sport of tennis is the volleys. Tennis fans come to see players return serve and volley for matches, and Women’s tennis rely mostly on how adapt the players are at returning serves. Success in Women’s tennis is predicated heavily in positioning, returns, and ball placement rather than having a powerful serve. Professional female tennis players are more fundamentally sound than their male counterparts and it makes their matches more interesting to watch.


Reason 4: Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova is possibly the most physically attractive women in the world of sports, and in complete contrast of Anna Kournikova the previous owner of that title, she is also a winner. Sharapova combines a strong serve with an intuition and control that had not been since Martina Hingis. Granted, she generally overpowers her competitors like the Venus Williams did, but she also makes the same nearly impossible volleys that Serena Williams routinely made. Sharapova is one of the few complete tennis players on the women’s circuit.


Reason 5: Grunts

Some call the grunts made by female tennis players distracting. Some call them sexy. I call them carnal, empowering, and in some cases slightly arousing. Decide for yourself.



Reason 6: Serena Williams

Okay, yes, Serena is technically one of the Williams sisters. However, with Serena, every match is must-see television. She is reason enough to watch tennis even without her immense talent. She owns her own fashion line and each of her tennis outfits land somewhere between fun and flirty, and risque. She regularly argues vehemently with the referees of her matches over officiating calls (and most of the time she is right). She is a fixture in the public eye off the court, regularly flaunting her beautiful, athletic body on public and private beaches, and in clinging dresses. Plus, when she is healthy, Serena has proven to be unbeatable on the court. Serena Williams is a diva, but deservedly so. She has beaten all the odds, she has usurped her older sister Venus as the best player in tennis, and she has set new standards in beauty both personally and in the fashion world.


Reason 7+8: Sports+Bras

If nothing else moves you to watch Women’s Tennis, look at the picture gallery below.

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