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Best Trios in Sports

30 Sep

1995 Greg Maddux/ Tom Glavine/  John Smoltz

The three aces of the pitching rotation had a combined Win-Loss record of 47-14. Greg Maddux lead the way with a 1.63 ERA for the season and a Win-Loss record of 19-2. Smoltz and Glavine were All-Star pitchers with earned run averages in the low 3′s, 3.08 and 3.18 respectively. The Braves rode their pitching staff to the World Series where they beat the Cleveland Indians in 6 games. The Atlanta Braves had decent batting as they averaged about 4 runs per game, however they could throw an ace pitcher on the field who could put out 7-8 shutout innings at any time. Maddux and Glavine were tacticians with the baseball, keeping the batters guessing at the plate and off-balance. And, Smoltz just threw the heater past everyone. Smoltz racked up 193 strikeouts with his 95 mph fastball. But, Maddux and Glavine produced 181 and 127 respectively. These three pitchers are considered to be one of the best conglomerations of pitching talent ever assembled.


1996 Michael Jordan/ Scottie Pippen/ Dennis Rodman

This trio led the team with the most wins in a single season in National Basketball Association history with a record of 72-10. It was the first 70 win team in NBA history and they almost repeated the feat the next season when the Bulls were 69-13. Michael Jordan led a Chicago team that was one of the best defensive squads and most athletic crews in the annals of the league. Jordan paced a team that was 1st in the NBA in points per game and 3rd in overall defense. They had 3 potential Defensive Player of the Year candidates, and two former winners, Jordan and Rodman. Strangely, Scottie Pippen who was a better defender than Jordan never won the award. The Chicago Bulls had the leading scorer at 30.4 ppg. (Jordan), the most prolific rebounder with 14.9 (Rodman), and the most versatile player in the NBA (Pippen). Their average margin of victory was roughly 13 points per game.


1990′s Emmit Smith/ Michael Irvin/ Troy Aikman

This trio was one of the most dangerous on this list. It had some of the most talented and decorated players of not only the 80′s and the 90′s, but also in history. Troy Aikman was deadly accurate passing the football, and he was delivering the ball to one of the most physical and athletic receivers that the NFL has seen, Michael Irvin. Emmit Smith finished his career as the all-time leader in rushing yards and rushing touchdowns.


1999 Kurt Warner/Marshall Faulk/Isaac Bruce

This team’s nickname was coined “The Greatest Show on Turf.” Kurt Warner fueled the highest scoring offense in NFL league history. Marshall Faulk was a machine on the ground, churning out yards, and leading the NFL in touchdowns. Kurt Warner had the most accurate year that a quarterback had ever had in the NFL completing 65.1% of his passes with 41 TD’s, and Isaac Bruce led his receiving corp with the most receptions and touchdowns. These three men powered the highest scoring offense that the league had ever seen. They scored on the ground or in the air, but most importantly, the St. Louis Rams of 1999 scored at will.

This may be the only time that you will ever see them walking on the court.

1980′s Magic Johnson/Kareem Abdul Jabbar/ James Worthy

The Los Angeles Lakers had the luxury of having the most prolific distributor in NBA history, the leading scorer in NBA history, and one of the most clutch big men of the era. Magic Johnson created the Lakers’ “Showtime” fast break by pushing the basketball with his exciting passes in the open court. James Worthy, or “Big Game James” was often on the receiving end of those assists in the open floor. He was one of the most mobile big men in the league and one one of the most clutch players. And finally, Kareem Abdul Jabbar is one of the best finishers that ever lived. He is the all-time leader in points in NBA history.


1985 Mike Singletary/ William “Refrigerator” Perry/Richard Dent

“Da Bears” 4-6 defense is the defense by which all teams are measured, though their statistical numbers have been surpassed in recent years. Dent was a sack specialist, the Refrigerator was a run stuffer, and Mike Singletary anchored the defense by filling gaps and closing passing windows. In their era, Chicago beat every defensive record that existed. They were big, fast, and mean. Offenses could not score against them.


2000 Ray Lewis/ Rod Woodson/ Jamie Sharper

This team fielded the best defense in NFL history by the numbers. The statistics behind this year have never been duplicated. The Ravens won this Super Bowl solely on the strength of their defense. Ray Lewis and Jamie Sharper got to the football. Rod Woodson covered and intercepted the ball. But more importantly, this defense hit hard. Opponents left the field bruised, bloody, and disheartened when they played the Ravens. They perfected the “Tampa Two” defense run by Tony Dungy. This collection of talent was first in points allowed and turnovers, and they were second in yards allowed and first downs. Opposing teams were unable to score against them, but more so, they could not evenmmove the football against them.


2007 Tom Brady/ Randy Moss/ Wes Walker

The 2007 New England Patriots offense went 16-0 in the regular season for the NFL record best regular season in history behind the play of these three athletes. In fact, even though they lost in the Super Bowl to the New York Giants, they had the most total wins in NFL history that year with a record of 19-1. Tom Brady threw for the standing NFL record for touchdowns, 50, but more impressively only threw 8 interceptions with a completion percentage of 68.9%. Randy Moss broke the single season record for receiving touchdowns with 23, a mark he still holds. And Wes Welker led the team with 112 receptions, despite sharing the ball with Moss. Both receivers had well over 1,000 receiving yards as they fielded the most explosive offense that the league has ever seen.

#82 is Dwight Clark, not Roger Craig, but the 49′ers offense did a lot of sitting around in the 4th quarter.

1989 Jerry Rice/ Joe Montana/ Roger Craig

Joe Montana is the best quarterback that ever lived. Not Peyton Manning. Not Tom Brady. Not Brett Favre. Joe Montana has 4 Super Bowl rings and has never lost in the Super Bowl. He has iconic throws like “The Catch” and “The . He is one of the most clutch performers in NFL history. And then, there is Jerry Rice. Rice could be the best football player that ever played the game despite being dependent on his quarterback to get him the ball. He is the most prolific wide receiver that ever played football, and he owns every record for receiving. Roger Craig is thought of as a utilitarian back, but he was dynamic for the 49′ers. He was a 1,000 back when 1,000 yards was actually difficult to achieve in the NFL. And, he added 473 receiving yards to his 1,054 rushing yards. The offense was 1st in every passing category except attempts and yards. They were twentieth in attempts and second in yards.

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