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What’s The Point?

8 Oct

what's the point

Life can be rather disenchanting. Living may seem like the prelude to a bigger existence on a higher plain, but it is not. Looking from the most cynical viewpoint, you are born, you do some things – some fun, some not – and then you die. People try to make more of life for several reasons, but it seems to be pretty simple. You live in a constant struggle trying not to be be miserable by searching for the little things that make you happy, and then, the one thing that genuinely makes you happy eventually becomes intolerable. The only things that drive people are money, sex, and love. And because of these desires, the human condition is being in a state of misery.

People believe that money paves the way to a better life, however happiness proves difficult to find for most people regardless of their socioeconomic status. The poor suffer through the trivialities of life, scraping together a means to live through a series of terrible jobs and financial missteps. They are consumed by thoughts of where the money for the next bill will come from or how to get their next meal. Their life is purely existential. But, the poor are fortunate in that respect. They have the love and admiration of those close to them, they rarely have to worry about the motivations of their peers, and the poor also have a clear definable goal ahead of them – finding a way to live comfortably. The wealthy suffer from an entirely different set of problems. The wealthy possess the financial means to attain anything that they could possibly desire, but they face a plethora of emotional hurdles that prove to be just as detrimental to them as the tangible, physical problems that plague the poor. The first priority of the affluent is to keep their wealth. This means questioning the motives of every person in their lives. This means ridding themselves of the people who cost them money regardless of the nature and proximity of their relationship.Consistently being financially stable means that any person who values their assets can not value the people in their lives as much as they should. And because of this, failure hits the affluent harder than it hits the poor. The less fortunate are well-prepared for the emotional trauma of their own ruinous financial missteps and the downswings of the economy because they have loved ones in place to console them and to help in the most dire situations. However, the rich have isolated themselves to the point where not only will no one will help him them once they have reached their lowest point, but they also do not have anyone to discuss the hardships that they have endured. Though money is necessary to live, it can also become as much trouble as it is a necessity. And it affects people at both ends of the spectrum of wealth.

Unlike simple economics, sex serves as a release for both the rich and the poor. However, sex can become a vice for any class when it is misused. The basic science of sex is simple. When engaging in sexual behaviors a few hormonal changes happen in humans immediately. For both sexes blood leaves the brain and flows directly to the genitals when direct stimulation occurs. Endorphins, the “feel-good” drugs of our bodies are released into the bloodstream, and as a result people’s inhibitions are lowered. This allows and influences people on the most basic level to be more responsive to sex and enjoy sexual activities more. Nature pushes us towards enjoying sex. However, the same basic hormonal influences that allow us to engage in and enjoy sex also move us toward riskier behaviors. When people are sexually aroused, their ability to gauge both logical and moral situations becomes impaired. Sex which has an obvious physical payoff leads to emotional crossroads. People decide not to use condoms in the moment and contract diseases that can cost them their life or have children which drastically alters the path of their lives. And in some cases – not the Hollywood cases of guys like Tiger Woods and David Duchovny – the release of endorphins in relation to sex leads to addiction. A constant barrage of sex and the consequent hormonal influx that it produces creates a need for a regular sexual release for certain people just to feel normalcy. Sex becomes an addiction and even one of the most pleasurable behaviors that a person can partake in can be corrupted by misplaced motives.

And, love can be the most disillusioning prospect of the three categories. True love proves elusive in most situations. Daters look for a suitable mate and exhaust all their resources while trying to find a mate who matches all of their relationship prerequisites. The average person sifts through bad matches, bad chemistry, and bad dates with scores of people before they find the one person who is worth their time. If dating transforms into a relationship with that person, then people spend time and energy learning the habits, the likes, and the dislikes of the person that they are dating in order to appease them and ultimately keep them as a mate. True love has been found. The couple realizes that they need each other and can not live without one another, so they arrange to spend their lives together. This seems like the perfect expression of love and happiness on the surface; two people who love one another decide to live together as a family. But, marriage is a difficult endeavor and most people do not have the maturity or the communication and coping tools to make it work. The union of two people in marriage means the converging of two separate backgrounds with all the static ideals and well developed eccentricities that come along with each person. The differences in belief systems and motivations by itself is enough to break up most couples. But, for those who decide to work the relationship a much more difficult road is ahead. Communication and a vulnerability that most people may not have known existed must be reached in order for people persevere in light of their relationship problems. And even then, the expectations of the spouse dictate how much work must be put into salvaging the union. Resentment can develop and fester. Suddenly, the person that made your life so much more enjoyable and tolerable has become the reason that it is terrible. And consequently, divorce may still be the result of the relationship.

This article is not a passive-aggressive suicide letter or an indictment of the pathetic state of humanity. This is simply an observational assertion of the value of life, and life sucks. That is the reason that people invest their passion and emotions into religion. The existence of a higher power who has a bigger plan for each individual projects blame for the quality of life away from the responsible party, the person who is living it. Life is one of the most difficult endeavors that you will ever invest in, and honestly the cards are stacked against you. The things that you enjoy most can also rob you of your pleasure. But, in the end, you control your destiny. So, make your life worth living.

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  1. whatever March 5, 2015 at 11:35 PM #

    First of all I dont have a religion dont believe in the almighty even though i come from a catholic family.Life is all about emotions, feelings and thoughts that change your attitude and judgment of life itself. Personally I have a very crude and realistic way of seeing life , I often think about my life, my decisions and how they affected other people and I feel very bad about it, I just cant be happy sometimes you know is like this empty fucking hole in my life i dont seem to get any sense out of it. People say everything happens for a reason well fuck… Those kind of people havent seen shit. Anyway my point is life can be sweet or bitter but at least you gotta squeeze every single drop, every single opportunite or option to be better, to win this game no matter how hard it seems cause you dont know whats next of this bitch called life who knows maybe you go to muslim paradise wtf

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