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Thanksgiving List 2015

26 Nov

Once again, we have reached the season for humility and appreciation of all our personal achievements and of all the positive moments of the preceding year. There are always hundreds of reasons to give thanks. Below are the most important and exciting moments of 2015.


1. Paris

The attacks on Paris were a humbling event for the entire world. And, they gave us all a reminder of what is most dear. Paris taught us to be thankful for the loved ones that are still with us. It taught us to be thankful in the United States for a vigilant government that sometimes seems misdirected or overbearing in its policies, but regularly makes decisions that keep us safe. The attacks also humbled us because regardless of how meticulous a government is regarding the safety of its citizens, terrorism could hit home.

miley cyrus13

2. Miley Cyrus

Miley has done her best Madonna impression over the past year, and we are all better for it. Nothing is off limits for her, and the formerly innocent Disney kid is completely obsessed with sex. She blew a sex doll on stage, regularly pets her kitty during shows, gropes all her dancers, and has made pasties her first fashion choice for any television event thrown her way. At first America thought she was crazy, but now her antics are somewhat liberating. Miley is a woman who owns her own sexuality though she sometimes flaunts it. And, her example allows other repressed women to own theirs. Everyone should be thankful for Miley’s journey to find herself. She empowers people to find themselves.

caitlyn jenner

3. Tolerance

Though her politics and motives are questionable, Caitlyn Jenner helped America to become more tolerant of the LGBT community. And, every time the world becomes more tolerant of other people and their preferred lifestyles, the world gets a little smaller. People begin to look at the things that they have in common rather than focusing on the divisive traits. Though the Kardashians are rarely associated with anything truly positive, we should all be thankful that Caitlyn Jenner spoke out for the rights of transsexual Americans.

4. Breaking the Internet

Speaking of the Kardashians, Kim’s attempt to break the internet was a success, but not for the reasons she thought they would be. This is how Kim Kardashian actually broke the internet.

kim kardashian - break the internet

5. Rachel Dolezal

Rachel Dolezal had a tough year. She had lived as a Black woman for years, headed the NAACP, and then it all came crumbling down. Rachel Dolezal was outed as a White woman. All the years of her work for people of color were immediately dismissed. She was publicly deemed a fraud and a liar. But, more importantly, her identity was destroyed in front of the American people. She was emotionally dissected for the masses to see, and her “crime” was not illegal. Misleading? Absolutely. Deceitful? Maybe. But, she broke no laws and actively helped the people that she identified as. Her struggle opened up talks about assimilation, appropriation, and self-identification. We should be thankful that her tragic story started a healthy discourse on race relations. Most race talks end with divisiveness.

rachel dolezal02

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