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Phrases That Need to Be Left In 2015

1 Jan

Bae – This term is proof that acronyms are not reserved solely for intelligent use. Bae which is used in replacement of baby, sweetie, or honey, is an overused acronym for “before anyone else” which means that your “bae” comes before everybody else in your life. It is a sweet sentiment hidden behind a stupid word. And, for a kicker, bae or bœ literally means shit in Danish.


Thot – has never been for the degradation of women, though a lot of the posts are fairly sexist. And aside from the grammatical faux pas of calling someone a Thot (essentially saying that they are a “that hoe over there”), denigrating a woman’s choice to be sexual and ostracizing her for embracing promiscuity is a mistake that we would never make.

OMG/BT Dubs/Totes – Let’s just get rid of tired acronyms altogether, including but not limited to OMG(oh my god), BT Dubs (by the way), and totes (totally). Every American was forced to learn the English language for 12 years of their schooling. Let’s put those years of experience to use by speaking properly to each other occasionally..

Sheeple – Yes, people are sheep. Yes, the term was a clever way to nominally degrade the groups of people who refused to think for themselves. However, no one needs the super liberal idealist who has eschewed deodorant for dirt baths or the über conservative moralist who loves religion but hates people talking to each other about how the other is a mindless drone who follows the politics of a dictator. Everyone believes in their own politics. That does not make them a mindless sheep.


Dabbing – The dance and the phrase need to be left in 2015. It was cool, it was fun, but it had its run. The nation has started dabbing and people who should never have known about the dance are doing it. As a rule, when elderly news anchors catch on to a new trend, that trend is old enough to be retired.

Pogonophile – 2015 was the year of the beard. The “man beard” gained as much momentum as it has had in nearly 30 years. However, we as a people do not need a specific word to describe every obscure fetishized passion. Creating the term “pogonophile” to describe a lover of beards has taken petty lust a little too far. No one needs a bromidic term to profess their desire for men with facial hair.

Petty – And while we are here, the word “petty” could use a break too. Let’s bring back trifling, childish, hateful, or spiteful. Any of these words could be used to break up the monotony when attacking someone verbally simply because you can. You never need a reason to be mean, but there is also never a reason to limit your vocabulary.

Cray - As difficult as it must be to annunciate two full syllables to express an opinion about a person or a situation, people should attempt to do it. There is nothing wrong with the word (KRΑZ-Ε) and there is nothing wrong with describing a person, place, or thing with the word in its entirety.

Meh – “Meh” has officially become meh.


#Goals/RelationshipGoals/SquadGoals – Goals are for people who have distinct ambitions, not for people who want to acknowledge foolishness on social media.

Hangry – Okay, everyone has been so hungry that they became unreasonably angry at least once. Low blood sugar is a real deal.

Netflix and Chill – Everyone should know and understand the phenomena that is “Netflix and Chill”. People get together under the guise of watching marathon television and have sex until the wee hours of the morning. Now we are pro-sex here at, but we are decidedly against making up special codenames for having sex.

netflix and chill03

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