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Typecast Actors

13 Jan

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman always plays the old, wise stereotype of the ethnic guy in any movie that he. Every dramatic movie has an ethnic, elderly guy whose ideas are poignant and borderline mystical at times. He always has sound advice for the main character and a humble attitude despite being mistreated throughout the film. Morgan Freeman is great at filling that role. He has played a rich woman’s driver who became her friend, the second in command in a the first black regiment in the the army, a cantankerous retiring police officer that helped a new officer, and God.


Tom Cruise

No one plays the All-American, Caucasian guy as well as Tom Cruise. He has assumed the roles of cocky lawyer who falls in love, cocky pilot who falls in love, cocky spy who falls in love, and cocky American soldier who falls in love in with an Asian peasant. He almost exclusively plays the type A male personality in every movie that he has made.


Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington is a great actor and an A-list talent, but he, like Tom Cruise, literally plays the exact same guy in almost every film of his career. To see any real difference in his characters and their behaviors, you have to look to his older films like Glory and Cry Freedom. Denzel always seems to play the alpha male, with the New York accent regardless of what character he plays in the movie.


Judy Greer

If your movie needs an eccentric sexual girl, then call Judy Greer. She may not be a house hold name to most movie-goers, but you have seen her and her boobs in at least one show if you are an avid television or movie watcher. She played Trixie the quick-witted hooker in Californication, a quirky sexual secretary, and an assistant who sleeps around on many different occasions. Greer has a subtle sexuality that she brings to most roles. Even her Trixie was demure rather than overtly sexual even though she was a sex worker.


James Purefoy

James Purefoy is the quintessential alpha male in period features. If you have a movie that features swords and togas then he is probably in it and he is definitely playing an asshole.

Paul Giamatti

Strangely, Paul Giamatti is one of the most versatile actors on this list. He plays in movies of all periods and ranges from starring roles to supporting roles to cameos. But, Giamatti does excel in one role, the cowardly, stuttering anti-hero.


William H. Macy

William H. Macy always plays the self-deprecating loser. In Boogie Nights he played the loving husband whose wife cheated constantly. He has played the part of an accidental “girlfriend” in a prison movie, and an alcoholic father of six in the new American version of the British series Shameless.


Heather Graham

Heather Graham is hot, and she is tailor made to play the ditzy, slutty blonde. She has a pretty face, big boobs, long slender legs, and bedroom eyes.


Bruce Willis

One-liners are his hobby and kicking butts is his specialty. Bruce Willis is one cool action hero with whom everyone can relate.

Will Ferrell

Absolutely no one plays the funny idiot better than Will Ferrell. He was Ron Burgandy the charismatic news anchor on Anchorman, Frank the Tank on Old School, a love guru on Wedding Crashers, and multiple other variations of the same character in countless other movies. Will Ferrell perfected the glorified dumb guy.

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