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Where To Place Your Pity

8 Feb


People, specifically in America, tend to feel sympathetic towards celebrities. Americans are more charitable and empathetic as a whole than most other organized countries according to the Development Assistance Committee of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. Our country supplies far more aid in developing countries than any other country in the world, however some of these charities have been misplaced. Our government sends finances and resources to third world countries to help develop them, fight hunger, and aid homelessness, but millions of people in our nation face the same struggles here. The government often misses the opportunities to build this country because of misplaced sentiment, and the people of the United States often misplace their sympathies when it comes to celebrities.

Who Americans Feel Sorry For:

Americans feel sorry for celebrities like Tiger Woods, Michael Douglas, and David Duchovny who say that they have an addiction to sex. Sexual addiction affects many people across this nation, and although it is not officially recognized as a sexual disorder by the APA, sex addiction reportedly affects 40 million people in the U.S. which is 3% to 6% of all Americans. So, feasibly some of the men who claim to be addicts could be afflicted with the disorder, however these celebrities are probably not addicts. They are just men who are wealthy, famous, attractive, spoiled, and entitled. These men have been able to sleep with multiple women since their early twenties and they are too narcissistic to stop. They have discipline problems not addiction problems. Some people also empathize with their wives. But, their wives knew what they were signing up for when they married a celebrity. They knew that they were marrying a guy who women would throw themselves at. They knew that these men were self-involved when they met them, but these women dated and married these immature men because either they were immature themselves or they were shallow and wanted the fame and wealth that come with dating a celebrity.

Who They Should Feel Sorry For:

The children of these Hollywood stars are the people who should get your sympathy. They are born to parents who have an excess of financial means, but who are emotionally unequipped to raise children. The nanny is often more of a parent for them than their biological parents. And then, the access that these kids have to drugs, alcohol, and any other detrimental whim puts them in unique and difficult situations. They have to publicly deal with all of their parents infidelities and vices. Schoolmates make fun of them and compare them to their parents. The child of a celebrity is expected to be famous too. It is almost impossible for the child of a celebrity to grow up well-adjusted.


Who Americans Feel Sorry For:

Athletes and celebrities who lose all their money like MC Hammer, Antoine Walker, and Scottie Pippen are often pitied by the general public, but they should not be pitied. These men have had the opportunity to earn more money in ten years than the average person would earn in three lifetimes. All three of these men earned well over $100 million during their careers, yet lost it all due to a series of bad financial decisions including but not limited to employing a posse of over 50 people, opening restaurants, and even buying a jet.

Who They Should Feel Sorry For:

The newly homeless people who lost all their possessions after the fall of the American economy deserve more pity than the stars who lost it all.These people lost their jobs to the recession, and some lost their savings behind the closing of their companies. They had to find new housing if they lost their homes to foreclosure and figure out how to raise their children with some semblance of normality.

Who Americans Feel Sorry For:

People always empathize with famous celebrities who go through long, strenuous divorces. These breakups are public and brutal as the stars struggle to divvy their assets, maintain their celebrity, and remain relevant in the public eye. Divorce is taxing for anyone, let alone someone who has to be in the spotlight just to propagate their professional career. But, celebrities have more resources than most individuals and therefore they have more opportunities to rebound from tragic events like splitting from the person that they vowed to love forever.

Who They Should Feel Sorry For:

The children of divorced stars deserve more sympathy than their parents. The first problem that these children face is the lack of well-adjusted adults around them. Their parents are arguing and fighting while placing the children in the middle of their affairs. Celebrities have more money and more access to tools than most Americans will ever see used in a lifetime, however they are also so self-involved with their own problems and their careers that they often fail to give their children what they need most, parents. Children need love and discipline to grow into healthy contributing members of society, and their egocentric parents are now caught up in a battle that some kids blame themselves for. The second problem that the children of divorcees face stems from the fame of their parents. Healthy resources are available to these children, but their wealth also affords them access to almost any vice that they can imagine. Drugs, alcohol, and sex inundate the lives of these children before they are old enough to resist them. The children of divorcing celebrities deserve the pity of the general public, not their parents.

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